XCOM Legends can be a pretty grind-heavy game that involves a lot of daily tasks to maintain your account’s relevance. With so many things happening in the moment alongside the information that you need to keep in mind, one of the problems that new players might experience is not being able to abuse all of the advantages that the game provides you with. There are few things that you probably didn’t know were important, so let’s take a look at some tips and tricks that could help you play better.

XCOM Legends Tips & Tricks To Help You Play Better

The most difficult parts about playing XCOM Legends is collecting equipment, characters, and upgrading your heroes. The best way for you to get these is to make sure that you’re collecting everything in the game. If you’re looking for ways to improve your performance at the Shadow Arena, you might want to check out our XCOM Legends PvP Guide. In this article, we’ll be showing you some tips and tricks that new players often ignore or forget when starting out.

Claim Idle Chests

Idle Chests can be claimed at the Geoscape by clicking on the Chest and the Instant Rewards buttons. The Idle Chest can be claimed every few hours as long as the player does a few stages after claiming the initial chest. This allows players to claim much-needed currency and potentially equipment depending on the difficulty of the stage that the player finished so far. It’s ideal that players try to finish higher level stages so that they’ll gain better rewards as they progress.

XCOM Legends Tips & Tricks To Help You Play Better

Instant Rewards are similar to daily rewards. Players can claim up to six Instant Reward chests every day, but can only claim one for free. After claiming the first instant reward, players will have to pay using Elerium to claim the other 5 chests. Instant rewards are actually great because you have a chance to gain materials needed to summon new heroes; so don’t miss the chance to claim yours! The loot that you can get here is significantly better than that of the idle chests, anyway.

Rush the Campaign

The Campaign or story mode is a great way to get your basic loot, but the most important thing that players need when playing the campaign is unlocking different features in the game itself. By completing the first chapter of the story mode, players will be able to unlock the Shadow Arena, which is the most popular feature in this game. Unlocking the Shadow Arena should be the player’s first priority, so don’t think that this game mode can be ignored if you want to get around to play the main stuff in XCOM Legends.

XCOM Legends Tips & Tricks To Help You Play Better

There are also other benefits to rushing the campaign which we’ve already mentioned. Rewards from the idle chest scale better when the player finishes higher stages in the campaign. If you want to farm 3-star equipment or higher, it’s better that you try to race towards chapter 3 or higher as soon as possible. Since the game doesn’t feature an energy system and even has an auto-battle mode, you should be able to finish the campaign easily.

Maximizing the Shadow Arena

Climbing the Shadow Arena is a painstakingly long process because you’re softly limited by the number of opponents you can challenge each day. Winning in the shadow arena rewards you with a certain amount of points, though those points don’t increase, even if you challenge a player that’s significantly higher than you point-wise. The worst part is that players also lose a certain amount of ranked points if they don’t play the Shadow Arena for a prolonged period of time.

XCOM Legends Tips & Tricks To Help You Play Better

To maximize the number of points that you can get in the Shadow Arena every day, players need to defeat as many opponents in the arena listing every day before they refresh. The first refresh in the arena is free, but the ones following that will cost you Elerium. Each day, the refresh costs will reset, so if you don’t want to spend Elerium, we suggest only refreshing once each day. That means you should beat as many enemies as possible before refreshing so that you can farm a lot of ranked points.

Importance of Research

Research is one of the best ways to improve some combat and development stats. Researching new technology requires credits and a material called datacores which is farmed when playing special operations. There are two branches in the research tree, which are the Base and Combat branches. Each of these branches specialize in developing one part of your XCOM Legends account, depending on what you want to focus on while playing, to improve your overall experience.

XCOM Legends Tips & Tricks To Help You Play Better

The Base branch improves everything regarding the development of your heroes such as modifiers involving gear and the outcome of stages. It’s imperative that the first few paths of the Base branch are to be researched as soon as possible. The Combat branch is generally the best branch to follow once you’ve finished the first two layers of the Base branch. The Combat branch improves the stats and skills of your heroes so that they can be more efficient in terms of their fighting capabilities.

Enhance Items

Enhancing items is one of the most vital things in the game because it significantly improves the stat gain that you get for each individual item. Regular equipment can be upgraded using credits and Alien Alloys which are farmed on regular stages of the game and acquired from the idle chest. You can also use other equipment as ingredients for leveling up your gear if you’ve exhausted all your alloys or if you simply want to make space in your inventory.

XCOM Legends Tips & Tricks To Help You Play Better

Item enhancements can be expensive, so choosing which equipment you want to commit to is crucial. Once you’ve decided that you’ll use a particular set of items for a long time, that’s when you should start using your alloys and credits for upgrading, otherwise, you might find yourself with a huge shortage of ingredients in the future. It’s always a good idea to enhance items of a higher rarity or if an item belongs to a useful gear set.