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Yokai Tamer on PC: How to Get Better Gear and Increase Your CP

Posted by: BlueStacks Content Team

On another occasion, we mentioned how leveling up is crucial for improving your power in Yokai Tamer. In fact, on that very same article, we also elaborated on some of the best methods for leveling up fast, which you’ll definitely want to learn if you’re looking to gain a quick power boost in this mobile MMORPG. However, while leveling up is one of the most straightforward ways of boosting your stats in this game, there are many other methods to achieve this end, including using our BlueStacks tools to streamline your controls and progress in this game.

Yokai Tamer on PC: How to Get Better Gear and Increase Your CP

Why do I Need CP?

Simply put, even if you’re at a very high level in Yokai Tamer, you won’t achieve anything with a low Combat Power (CP). While your character’s level is an indicator of your overall progress through the game, it’s his or her CP which will serve as a gauge for their prowess in combat. In other words, even with a high level, you might still struggle with monsters at or below your current level if you don’t take the time to increase your combat power.

For Instance, while we were challenging the Ghost King dungeon at level 160, we had a lot of trouble defeating the level 150 boss. This enemy kicked our butts multiple times, despite being over 10 levels higher than he was. However, after sinking a bit of gold into upgrading our gear, and many resources into our Miko, Mounts, Trump, and other aspects of our character, we had a massive increase in CP which allowed us to easily defeat the boss—he didn’t even put up a decent fight.

Yokai Tamer on PC: How to Get Better Gear and Increase Your CP

As you progress in this mobile MMORPG, your level starts becoming less important, while your CP is as crucial as ever when it comes to measuring the power of your toon. For this reason, it’s in your best interest to do everything in your power to increase it.

Here are some easy ways to gain a quick boost to your CP in Yokai Tamer.

Farming for Gear

Once you reach level 90, you will unlock the Ghost King dungeon, which is an instance where many tough bosses wander. These bosses come in several levels increments, most of which will be out of your reach as soon as you unlock it. However, once you are strong enough, you can defeat up to 3 bosses per day in this dungeon, all of which drop powerful gear and equipment.

Yokai Tamer on PC: How to Get Better Gear and Increase Your CP

After your first few runs, you’ll probably obtain several upgrades for your current gear in the Ghost King dungeon. However, as you complete these challenges every day, the excess pieces of gear you receive can be used for other purposes such as Gear Devouring, or for crafting Red Gear, both of which are great ways of increasing your CP as well. 

Gear Enhancements

We’ve mentioned this method several times as being one of the easiest ways to increase your power in Yokai Tamer.

Yokai Tamer on PC: How to Get Better Gear and Increase Your CP

Simply put, when you have some extra gold lying around, you can simply navigate to the “enhance” menu to dump it into your gear and increase their stats. The best part about gear enhancements is that these improvements bind to the gear slot, and not to the pieces themselves. This means that, should you come across a superior piece of equipment, you can swap it for your current one, and the upgrades will transfer to the new armor.

Enhancing your gear is a no-brainer, so try to upgrade your gear often.

Gear Devouring

During your farming sessions, there will be moments in Yokai Tamer where you will have tons of gear just lying around in your inventory. Oftentimes, these pieces are useless since they’ll be much weaker than your current gear. However, they are not completely without worth as you can sacrifice these pieces to increase the CP of any armor slot.

Yokai Tamer on PC: How to Get Better Gear and Increase Your CP

Through the “gear devouring” menu, you can dump all your excess equipment to slightly increase your current CP as well as to receive mild increases to your stats. Like gear enhancements, gear devouring is a no-brainer and takes only a few clicks to perform. Be sure to visit this menu often to get some worth out of your unused gear.

Red Gear

Upon reaching level 160, you’ll unlock the Red Gear feature, which is the first type of crafting that you can perform in Yokai Tamer. In this menu, you can use identical pieces of gear to craft them into other, more powerful pieces.

Yokai Tamer on PC: How to Get Better Gear and Increase Your CP

However, you can’t use just any pieces of gear like in gear devouring. Crafting Red Gear requires identical pieces of at least G4 Orange Soul 2 quality, which is difficult to come by until you unlock the Ghost King dungeon. Once you have made all the necessary upgrades from the drops in this game mode, you can keep doing it every 24 hours to receive additional equipment for use in crafting. As you keep collecting equipment of increasing quality, you can use them for creating even stronger weapons and armor.

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Keep in mind that, while it’ll take a while for you to collect the necessary materials for crafting, Red Gear is among the strongest pieces of equipment in this mobile MMORPG. In this sense, this menu is where you’ll go for acquiring all your endgame stuff, so make sure to get familiar with it ASAP.

Gem Embedding

Once you start acquiring gear of at least G4 quality, you will gain access to gem embedding. These pieces of gear come with 1 slot in which you can attach gems to further increases their stats. The said increases vary according to the type of gem you use and include ATK boosts, HP boosts, and DEF boosts, among others.

Yokai Tamer on PC: How to Get Better Gear and Increase Your CP

Acquiring gems, however, is a whole other issue as these little buggers are tough to come by in Yokai Tamer. We’ve gotten several gems by completing story quests. However, it seems like the only reliable method of acquiring gems is by purchasing them from the store. If anyone out there knows how to effectively farm gems, please let us know in the comments below and help us out!

Yokai Tamer on PC: How to Get Better Gear and Increase Your CP

Guild Skills

Joining a powerful guild in Yokai Tamer is important since, other than receiving periodic rewards for your contributions, you can use your contribution points for unlocking permanent stat boosts. In the “skills” section of the guild menu, you can invest contribution points to unlock passive perks that will help tremendously to further increase your CP, along with your performance in combat.

Yokai Tamer on PC: How to Get Better Gear and Increase Your CP

Miscellaneous Upgrades

This last section is dedicated to a handful of upgrades that you can perform with only a few clicks, and that will contribute to increase your CP somewhat along the course of your adventures in Yokai Tamer:

  • Upgrading Miko: The Miko are guardians of sorts that can follow you around in combat. They can attack enemies and assist in combat in many different ways. Furthermore, like many other aspects in this game, Miko can be upgraded by using Miko Rune Gems, which you can receive from the daily Miko Dungeons. Once upgraded enough, your Miko will transition into more powerful forms and gain access to other powerful skills.

Yokai Tamer on PC: How to Get Better Gear and Increase Your CP

  • Mount Upgrades: Besides allowing fast travel across the land, your equipped mount also contributes to your CP by providing you with stat boosts. These steeds can also be upgraded through the use of Mount Rune Gems, increasing their level and unlocking many useful skills.

Yokai Tamer on PC: How to Get Better Gear and Increase Your CP

  • Mitama Upgrades: Last but not least, the Mitamas you unlock from completing floors in the Mitama Tower can also be upgraded to increase their bonuses. Leveling up your Mitamas requires Mitama Essence, which you can farm either from the Mitama Tower, or from dismantling unused Mitamas.

Yokai Tamer on PC: How to Get Better Gear and Increase Your CP

There are countless ways in which you can increase your CP in Yokai Tamer. While this variety means that you’ll never have a dull moment with this mobile MMORPG, it also makes things tremendously confusing for newcomers. Luckily, with the info we’ve shared in this guide, you can hopefully get your bearings and learn some of the most important methods for powering up in this game.

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