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Classes of Yong Heroes: Which One Is Yours?

As we mentioned in our review Yong Heroes contains multiple classes, each one offering a unique playstyle. Some of them are better at staying alive and some of them offer increased damage: You should pick according to your own game style. Our recommendation is to create a character from each class and play until you hit level 20: This is the best way of finding your own class. In order to help you, we prepared this guide. Below, you can find everything you need to know about the classes of Yong Heroes.


Classes of Yong Heroes: Which One Is Yours?

This is the default class suggested by the game and there is a reason for that: Bladesman is the best class for beginners. It is not an “awesome” class by any means: Its damage is average and the most striking feature about a Bladesman is its big sword. (But it is really big.) However, this class can stay alive a lot longer than others due to its increased HP and defense. Think of them as “tanks”: They are hard to kill and that’s it – this is their only advantage. You cannot bring a Bladesman to the end game, no group will want it due to the low damage, and the ability to stay alive longer is meaningless at this stage. But you can use a Bladesman for farming lots of things automatically – since they are hard to kill, they are very suitable for auto-grinding. Plus, you can learn the game and all its mechanics a lot easier with a Bladesman. Start with one of these if you are new and always keep one as a backup farming account.

Classes of Yong Heroes: Which One Is Yours?

The skills of Bladesman are not very interesting: They can attack multiple targets but in a very short range. They have a couple of passive skills for healing and that’s why they can stay alive longer. We recommend chaining “Storm Chop” with “Skysoar Chop”, both skills complement each other.


Classes of Yong Heroes: Which One Is Yours?

Swordsman is the “upgraded” version of Bladesman. They still have a sword but it is much smaller. However, it is also much deadlier. For AoE melee attacks, this should be your default class: Its damage is high enough to hurt lots of enemies at once and you can increase this damage furthermore by using the right passive skills. However, they require constant monitoring: Swordsman can die really fast and you should always keep an eye on them. For this reason, they are not the best choice for auto-grinding. However, end game groups will always have a place for Swordsman due to their satisfying damage.

Classes of Yong Heroes: Which One Is Yours?

Skills of a Swordsman are AoE oriented and deal damage to multiple enemies. The range of the skills is longer than Bladesman, so you can kill more enemies much faster. We recommend combining “Full Moon” with “Snow Dance” for the best results.


Classes of Yong Heroes: Which One Is Yours?

Spearman is a “jack of all trades” class. It is also a melee hero but its skillset is much more suitable for dealing damage to single targets. Sure, it has AoE skills too, but they are limited in number and range: For AoE targets, Swordsman will be a much better choice. In a way, Spearman is like “rogues” of the classic RPGs: They deal high damage to single targets and die pretty quickly. If you are not interested in auto-grinding and dealing the highest damage is the only important thing, pick Spearman. They also look very cool on the battlefield. However, if you are a beginner, this won’t be a good choice at all: Spearman requires constant monitoring (even more than Swordsman) in order to stay alive. Well, high damage comes with a cost.

Classes of Yong Heroes: Which One Is Yours?

The skills are a mix of single and multi-targets, but we recommend focusing on single targets, as explained above. During leveling, you can Tail Whip with Triple Stab. Don’t forget to take passive skills that increase your attack power and crit potential too.


Classes of Yong Heroes: Which One Is Yours?

The first ranged class of the game is the wizard. They are exactly what you expect: Wizards have low health and defense points but amazing damage potential. They are an AoE focused class, all of their abilities deal heavy damage to multiple enemies. They have the shortest kill-time: You can eliminate dozens of enemies in mere seconds with a Wizard. As a result, you can also gain XP points much faster. Thing is, wizards are very fragile: Even a strong wind is enough to kill them. You can be sure that they will a part of every group at the end game stage and this won’t be a problem while you are in a group. When you play solo, however, you will die pretty often. If this is not a problem for you, go ahead and pick a wizard: You can unleash hell on your enemies, literally.

Classes of Yong Heroes: Which One Is Yours?

“Wind Fly” an “Myriad” are the skills you should combine. They deal very heavy damage to anything in their range, you can even eliminate bosses without dropping a sweat.


Classes of Yong Heroes: Which One Is Yours?

Archer is the second ranged class in the game and it is much more durable than a wizard. However, for the same reason, archers cannot reach the damage numbers of wizards. This does not mean that they deal low damage – on the contrary, archers also deal heavy AoE damage. But not as much as wizards, they are a different kind of beast. The thing about archers is that they require a certain playstyle. Their skills target the ground most of the time, not the enemies themselves. In other words, as long as there are enemies in the target area, they will take damage. But no enemy is so stupid: As soon as they start taking damage, they start coming towards you. You have to step back and re-use your skill and repeat this process all the time. This style of play requires you to fully master the technique called “kiting”, and this is not something for everyone. However, archers are a highly mobile class and also very useful for PvP. If you don’t mind kiting and interested in PvP action, they can be the best choice for you.

Classes of Yong Heroes: Which One Is Yours?

We recommend combining “Searing Shot” and “Hawk Strike” during leveling, this combo deals heavy damage in a short period of time and lowers the need for constant kiting.

And that’s it: You now know about all the classes in Yong Heroes, it is time to pick one and start the action. Remember that we prepared other guides for this game too so make sure to check them, each one offers useful information that can make your hero stronger. We can now return to the good-old job of saving the world – see you in the game!

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