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Brave the Zombie Apocalypse in Zero City with BlueStacks

Posted by: BlueStacks Content Team

The ruined wasteland of the old world can be a scary place, especially when there are hordes of zombies wandering around. In Zero City, it’s your mission to take the fight back to the zombies and rid the world of the encroaching threat. To do this, you will have to carve a path to the Master, the mysterious mutant leader of the zombies who’s hellbent on putting an end to humanity. However, before meeting this fearsome adversary on the battlefield, you must hone your skills and raise an army of survivors. If you haven’t done so already, feel free to check our review of this game before continuing.

Brave the Zombie Apocalypse in Zero City with BlueStacks

To progress in this game, you must take your time to gather resources, upgrade your shelter, and provide the best facilities for your survivors. These people, in turn, will pay you back with their undying loyalty and will labor to help you maintain the shelter. Meanwhile, an elite group of agents will also act as your sword and shield against the zombie horde and will take up arms to destroy the enemy on the battlefield.

As you can probably imagine, there’s much more to this game than just building your base and watching your survivors grow stronger. However, regardless of the task, everything takes time, time that could be significantly reduced if you had the appropriate tools. At the very least, even with tasks that take a long time to complete, playing with BlueStacks makes them much more enjoyable as you won’t be hindered by a small phone screen or cumbersome touchscreen controls.

Brave the Zombie Apocalypse in Zero City with BlueStacks

If you’re looking to get better at Zero City or, at the very least, want to improve your experience with this game dramatically, then look no further than this guide. In the following article, we’ll go over several excellent ways in which you can improve your enjoyment of this game using our BlueStacks tools.

First and foremost, let’s start with the essential part of any game: Being able to play it!

Become a Veteran Shelter Commander With the Keymapping Tool

Playing your favorite strategy or base-building games on BlueStacks is a great experience. Thanks to our excellent control schemes, you’ll feel more like a techy sci-fi commander using your mouse and keyboard, instead of foolishly clawing at your phone trying to issue several commands in a row. Additionally, thanks to our Keymapping Tool, not only can you enjoy the said improved control schemes, but you can also customize them to your personal preferences.

Brave the Zombie Apocalypse in Zero City with BlueStacks

The liberty afforded by our revolutionary tool is the thing everyone’s talking about and one of the strongest features of our platform. In essence, it allows you to enjoy your favorite mobile games as you would a PC game. In some cases, you can even plug in your gamepad and obtain the excellent console experience in some of the more fast-paced titles.

Play Zero City on BlueStacks

For Zero City, as a game that revolves heavily around navigating and issuing commands from menus, you could benefit significantly from adding several shortcuts on the screen. Using the Keymapping Tool, you can create an optimized control scheme that will help to save you many clicks, and improve your proficiency when managing your shelter.

Brave the Zombie Apocalypse in Zero City with BlueStacks

In our game, we added numerous shortcuts to speed up our menu navigation. We have keys for opening the market, deploying the area map, checking our inventory, and for opening the missions screen. Furthermore, we also have numbers one-through-seven, which will allow us to access any zone in the map using our keyboard. While we have only unlocked the first two zones, we’ll be able to access the rest as we continue beating levels.

Brave the Zombie Apocalypse in Zero City with BlueStacks

In particular, we found the map binding (which we set to “M”) very useful as you can both open the map and return home by quickly pressing the key. In practice, we can press “M” to open the map, use the numbers to access the corresponding area, and finally click on the appropriate level. Alternatively, if we wish to go back home, we can just mash “M” again to retreat to the shelter screen. The Keymapping Tool is a fantastic feature for any game, which dramatically increases our productivity at all times.

Boost Your Resource Production Using Multiple Instances

As soon as you upgrade your Command Center to level four, you can build the Alliance Hall. In this room, you can request resources from your allies at any time. This means that, while you can have a main shelter, you can also have several bases as backups where you can produce additional resources. “But BlueStacks,” you might ask, “How can we create several shelters if you’re only limited to one per account?” Well, dear reader, the answer comes in the form of the Instance Manager.

Brave the Zombie Apocalypse in Zero City with BlueStacks

This useful tool allows you to create multiple instances of BlueStacks—as many as your computer can handle—and use them to access numerous games (or the same game) using various accounts. For Zero City, this tool allows you to manage multiple shelters simultaneously and start trading resources between them as soon as you hit level four and build an Alliance Hall in each one.

Brave the Zombie Apocalypse in Zero City with BlueStacks

Even though we’ve just started in this game, we’ve already run into a wall. We need lots of money to upgrade our Command Center to level four. Once we achieve this, we can build the Alliance Hall and accelerate our progress dramatically by doubling—or even tripling—our production using the Instance Manager.

However, it’s worth noting that, while this tool is excellent for speeding up the progress of one of your shelters, the others will inevitably fall behind as you will funnel all their production into your main base. In the future, you might want to invest a bit in upgrading your other bases to increase their storage capacity and provide even more resources to your main shelter.

Brave the Zombie Apocalypse in Zero City with BlueStacks

If you’re just starting out in Zero City, it’s worth taking things slow so you can get a grasp of the general gameplay. As you get comfortable with all the mechanics, you can start incorporating our BlueStacks tools to your general gameplay. In this sense, you will not only speed up your progress, but you will also have much more fun with any game.

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