Money. Moolah. Dinero. Dough. It’s the thing that makes the world go round. Money can open doors, keep enemies away, and buy you powerful allies. This applies in both real life as well as in Zero City.

Zero City: How to Make Money

Similarly, in both cases, not having enough money will severely limit the things you can do. However, the problem with money manifests when you don’t have enough of it, and you have to work harder to compensate. Luckily, when it comes to this game, making money is about playing smarter, not harder.

Soon after you start your foray into the zombie wasteland that is Zero City, you’ll run into a wall that impedes your progress. This wall comes in the form of money as, to upgrade your Command Center to level four, you’ll need 30,000 units, which is much more than what you’ve been required to save up for so far. This problem is further compounded by the fact that you generate very little money passively in this game, so waiting it out is not feasible for those who want to make timely and consistent progress.

Zero City: How to Make Money

But fret not. If you’re in the same conundrum as us, then you’re in luck. In this article, we will show you several ways in which you can make money for purchasing all those upgrades. The next time you find yourself stuck because you’re not making enough cash, consider the following tips:

Follow the Campaign

You won’t believe how many people forgo the main story of many games to secure a positive production of resources. However, while in other games, this strategy is sound, it’s not the case in Zero City.

Zero City: How to Make Money

The campaign is one of the most critical parts of the early game for making money. Not only are your characters strong enough to complete most of the initial stages with one hand behind their backs, but they also get tons of rewards from doing so. Some of the most common prizes include clothing, combat gear, money, and boxes. Yes, you heard that right; by completing campaign missions, you will get lots of money!

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Sadly, you can’t repeat these missions so you’ll only be able to pick up these rewards just once. Nevertheless, these prizes are quintessential in the beginning for boosting your progress and allowing you to upgrade your rooms promptly. However, remember that completing stages requires food. Should you ever run out of this resource, you won’t be able to continue completing story missions.

Another element worth noting here is soldier health. We know you’re probably tempted to complete levels and immediately challenge the next, but you should consider taking a break between levels, especially after the most challenging missions. After returning from an assignment, your soldiers don’t recover their lost health. They slowly regain their HP back in the shelter and, if you immediately go into another mission, you might find that your tank has half HP and will quickly die because of it.

Zero City: How to Make Money

If you want to speed up the recovery process, especially as you level up and your fighters become stronger, you’ll want to build a hospital. Your soldiers can recover their health quickly by taking them to this room. Once you’re done, remember to bring them back to the barracks.

Upgrade Your Print Shop

Just like your production buildings in any MMO RTS, your Print Shop will produce more money per hour according to its level. In this sense, it’s imperative that you always keep it upgraded to the max to boost your hourly production.

Zero City: How to Make Money

However, while the chamber’s level is essential, the proficiency of the citizens working it is also crucial for increasing its output. Every citizen has a specific ability at certain tasks, including fighting, accounting, and cooking, among others. When it comes to making money, those with a high accounting level will significantly increase your money production when assigned to the Print Shop. Moreover, by outfitting these citizens with the appropriate gear, you can further boost their productivity when working in this room.

Zero City: How to Make Money

Open As Many Chests as You Can

We mentioned above how, by completing campaign missions, you can receive numerous prizes, including chests. While these boxes contain several randomized rewards, two of its contents are always static: Money, and food. Moreover, as you complete stages from more difficult levels, you’ll obtain chests of higher tiers, which contain better gear, as well as more money and food.

Zero City: How to Make Money

However, while we recommend opening chests to obtain more money, we also suggest against it if you’re already maxed out in food. If you already have plenty of food, we recommend going out and completing as many stages and raiding as many players as you can to use up your food and then opening the chests. This is to avoid wasting valuable resources since you can never go over your max storage capacity, and any food that goes over this number will be forfeit.

Raid Other Players

Once you hit Command Center level three and unlock stage two, you’ll notice that there are several icons on the map representing other players’ shelters. If you click on these icons, you’ll have the option of scouting them, and then attacking them. These battles go much as they do when fighting other zombies, with the main difference being that you’ll be fighting against other human soldiers and they’ll likely be stronger than your standard undead.

Zero City: How to Make Money

If you challenge and beat these players, you’ll earn trophies, which allow you to start climbing the leaderboards, and money according to the amount of cash they had on hand at the moment. While this amount won’t be much at first, it’ll definitely add up. However, as you can attack players from this moment, others can also attack you. To protect yourself from getting plundered, try to spend all your money before logging out.

Trade With Your Alternative Shelters

If you’re playing on BlueStacks, then you’ll have access to the Instance Manager. As we explained in our BlueStacks usage guide for Zero City, you can use this tool to create multiple shelters, upgrade their Command Centers to level 4, and trade resources between them through the Alliance Hall. This will probably take some time, but will also double or triple your resource production once you manage to upgrade them far enough.

Zero City: How to Make Money

The worst part about not having money in Zero City is not the fact in itself, but the helplessness we feel when we don’t know how to produce more cash. When you don’t know how to get more money, overcoming the wall becomes much more difficult. However, if you find yourself lost and didn’t know how to increase your production, feel free to follow the tips in this guide.

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