The zombie apocalypse has arrived. Again. And once more, it falls to you to lead the packs of frightened survivors to safety and to help feed and arm them in preparation for the struggles that await in the future.

Build the Ultimate Shelter and Combat the Zombie Horde in Zero City

The zombie trope is overdone; that much is true. However, there’s something about this setting that always sparks a primal fear in all of us. Perhaps it’s the hopelessness of going against impossible odds, or the fact that even the most hardened fighters can be turned into a mindless member of the undead. Or perhaps it’s just the thousands of decaying corpses chasing you across town wanting to have an intimate encounter with your brain. Yeah, we’re going to lean towards that last one.

Nevertheless, Zombie City has arrived to bring us another spin of the typical zombie apocalypse, but this time with a shelter and base building aspect slapped on for good measure. Developed by BeINGame and released just a few months ago, this game takes the best that the zombie setting has to offer and puts you in command of a shelter that you will have to upgrade and expand if you want your and yours to survive the ongoing onslaught of the undead. In a sense, this is identical to Fallout Shelter and Hustle Castle, with many similarities in common with the latter.

Build the Ultimate Shelter and Combat the Zombie Horde in Zero City

As one of the few brave survivors of a recent zombie attack, and with the death of the previous base commander, the people have voted you as the newly appointed leader of the shelter. Willing or otherwise, you must pick up where your predecessor left off and continue working towards building a haven for all those who arrive in search of food and a warm place to call home.

However, in a world overrun by zombies and other undesirables, does this makeshift bunker indeed qualify as home? While we can’t answer that question just yet, we sure as heck are going to try our best to make the best out of this situation.

Build the Ultimate Shelter and Combat the Zombie Horde in Zero City

Establish a Foothold Among the Infested

As we mentioned above, Zero City begins with a horrible zombie attack taking the lives of many survivors, including the commander of the nearby shelter. As the only person with the necessary skills and preparation, the remaining inhabitants vote for you to become the unwilling leader of the sanctuary.

Build the Ultimate Shelter and Combat the Zombie Horde in Zero City

As the game starts, you will arrive at the ruined shelter, which you have to fix before whipping the inhabitants into shape. The objective of the game is to construct and upgrade new rooms to your shelter to accommodate the necessities of your survivors. Some of these rooms include a Dining Hall to keep the shelter stocked with food and a Print Shop where your crafty survivors can print money. We’re not sure how printing money willy-nilly won’t cause the fragile economic balance of the post-apocalyptic world to collapse, nor what the survivors of this world could possibly do with the money in the first place. But hey, it’s just a game, right?

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Once you’ve established the production of primary resources, survivors will start arriving, which you can then add to your roster. Speaking of which, your survivors are one of the most valuable resources in the game, as they take it upon themselves to manage and maintain your base, as well as to go out and slowly rid the nearby areas of the encroaching zombie threat. In this sense, while you’ll be the one managing the shelter, it’s your citizens who’ll actually do all the dirty. Treat them well, Commander; the fate of the world is in your hands.

Build the Ultimate Shelter and Combat the Zombie Horde in Zero City

Build Useful Rooms to Create a Sustainable Shelter

Since the undead overrun the world, your shelter should have everything you need to survive for prolonged periods without relying on external supplies. While we already mentioned that you could produce food and money in their respective rooms, there’s only the matter of your survivors left.

Build the Ultimate Shelter and Combat the Zombie Horde in Zero City

As your most valuable resource, it’s imperative that you seek to recruit powerful survivors to improve the efficiency of your base in all aspects. However, the survivors that arrive at your door are frequently downtrodden and ragged and don’t have much proficiency in anything. In fact, There’s a limit to the number of stars that a random survivor can have. In this sense, you’ll never be able to recruit the strongest characters randomly.

However, once you construct a Living Room, you can take absolute control of your citizens, and have them conceive babies that will inherit the best traits of their parents. In this sense, if the progenitors have high potential, there’s a chance that babies will be born with even higher potential in many areas.

Build the Ultimate Shelter and Combat the Zombie Horde in Zero City

Like the Living Room, there are many other chambers that you can build in Zero City, all of which serve a specific purpose. By upgrading your Command Center, you will gain access to these rooms and expand the functionality and sustainability of your shelter.

Engage in Thrilling PvP Battles

Contrary to what the game would have you believe, you’re not the only band of survivors in the world. In fact, there are thousands of players who are already playing Zero City, and which you can engage in friendly competition.

Once you upgrade your Command Center to level 5, you will unlock the Arena. In this place, you can take your strongest survivors and pit them against other players’ teams in sparring matches. This feature opens up the gameplay considerably as you’ll not only go against mindless zombies but will also have to come up with cunning strategies to beat other players and climb the leaderboards.

Build the Ultimate Shelter and Combat the Zombie Horde in Zero City

Zero City has a little bit to offer everyone. However, we think this game will appeal most to those who appreciate titles with slower gameplay. In this sense, it’s ideal for a more casual audience. However, don’t let this fact discourage you if you’re looking to get competitive. Zero City’s relaxing nature belies a game with an in-depth strategy and fiercely competitive PvP scene.

But don’t take our word for it; click on the link below and get started!

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