Zombies are on TV, in books, comics, even advertisements. They’re such a big part of our imaginary that it’s become impossible to envisage a world without a walker. Can you remember the times when they weren’t such a big deal? We know it was sometime before 2010, which is when the popular TV series Walking Dead was first broadcast, but we can’t quite recall the feeling of what that was like. So if you ever wanted to test how you’d match-up against an invasion of infected, this is one way to do it. More or less.

Folk wisdom tells us we need to confront our fears in order to overcome them. By throwing hordes, throngs, swarms, and even legions of walkers at you, Zombie Shooter helps you do just that. In a way. For a mobile action shooter that is free to play, it really kept us on the edge of our seats. Just look at this exploding pile of blood, guts, limbs, and brains which we owe to a combination of a grenade and our trusty shotgun. We named it Crowley, after a popular character in another dark-themed TV show. Crowley gets the job done.

Exterminate Zombies > Get Cash and Power Generators

Zombie Shooter is pretty straightforward. You know what you want to do and the developers did their best to make that happen. During the short introduction, the tutorial drops you on an easy map where you play with a nail gun. Here, you also read several warning messages informing you about the state of the game world (sometime in the future, virus infection gone bad) and the dangers facing you ahead.

Upon completing the first level, you’ll be rewarded with an Uzzi and a Grenade-Gun: a machine gun and a heavy weapon. While they’re both fun to play, neither is actually our cup of tea. Nothing can replace Crowley, our trustworthy Italian shotgun.

Your game progression is displayed neatly on the map. One thing we didn’t quite like was that we are forced to start every stage at easy difficulty, then do the normal, and only afterwards have access to the fun, hard part. It’s an underhand way of forcing you to view more adverts (at the end of each fight), but we’re ok with a(d)verting our eyes for 30 seconds after a full minute of bringing doom to our enemies.

The challenges, placed on either sides of the campaign trail, are all time-limited. After a while, they get refreshed, so they’re never the same ones. We advise you to stick to the main questline though, since completing the hard difficulty on each stage gives you the most power generators, the premium currency of the game. You can only buy them with real money and we’ll be spending these on cool, powerful weapons we can buy on the Black Market.

Perks of Playing the Game on BlueStacks

Of course, we’ve been playing Zombie Shooter on BlueStacks, which, to be fair, has given us an unfair advantage. As if Crowley wasn’t enough to tip the scales so far, which he was. We were able to assign a keyboard shortcut to every single action using the Keymapping Tool. No more fumbling with hitting the right buttons, no slips. Whenever we need to pull out a grenade and make quick work of a zombie horde or to quickly heal because we hadn’t seen those lightning-fast zombie dogs run at us, BlueStacks was there to help us.

Play Zombie Shooter on BlueStacks 4

Just take a look at our clean setup. We can’t even imagine someone playing this zombie shooter on anything else but the BlueStacks emulator. More importantly, we were able to save a lot of dead time spent trying to find our way through the menu. We just couldn’t remember our way to the skill tree or the gear screen – so we used the BlueStacks Combo Key to memorize the sequence of clicks that we needed to get to these. Then, we assigned each sequence a keyboard shortcut and, there you go, we didn’t have to waste our time anymore.

Consequently, we were able to carry on with our mission to save humanity by killing the zounds of walkers that had flooded the secret research facility where this dreadful contagion was developed. Our mission, your mission, is to find out how this came to be and put an end to it as swiftly as possible. It doesn’t have to be clean, but it does have to be fast. This is precisely how Crowley likes it.

Better Performance and Better Accuracy with BlueStacks

Although the game does have an auto-aim option, we found that hard levels like to increase the challenge by sending everything your way – from zombie rats to zombie dogs and even zombie soldiers. Weird, but still fun to shoot. However, our performance was so flawless that we even got an improved drone from the Marines Supply Crate. Sadly, it already had a name, Nymph, which we couldn’t bear to take away from her.

Generally, we found that the BlueStacks emulator guarantees a smooth performance regardless of the game’s specs. In addition, Nymph was there to lend us a hand and point the direction for Crowley, since the drone shoots an automated machine-gun at every enemy that gets too close. We have to admit that the two make a fine couple when they work together.

The PC screen allowed us to have a good perspective on the labyrinthine levels. It can be easy to lose yourself in these, especially after you’ve blown up so many zombies and everything’s covered in guts.

Overall, for how fun and engaging Zombie Shooter is, we think it outstanding that it is still free to play. Moreover, it gave us the chance to shoot big guns at thousands of zombies and take pleasure in the exploding pile of limbs and gore. When we wanted to switch things up, the different types of weapons were there waiting, calling out to us to try them and experience innovative ways of exterminating walkers.

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