1. Four Unique and Exciting Classes to Choose From
  2. A Vast and Detailed World to Explore
  3. A Wealth of Pets to Unlock and Upgrade
  4. Many Different Game Modes to Enjoy
  5. Stunning Graphics, Animations, and Performance

With every new game that makes it into the market, there’s always the excitement of expectation: What’s in store for us? Will it be any fun? What are the most interesting mechanics that the game offers? All of these are common questions that we tend to ask whenever we start a new game, and the new Dragon Trail: Hunter World is no exception to this scrutiny.

If you’re like us and would like to know a bit about what you’re getting into, before you actually commit to installing and playing new games, then this guide is for you. In the next few paragraphs, you’ll find an overview of some of the most important features and systems in Dragon Trail, with which you’ll surely have tons of fun if you’re into mobile MMORPGs.

Four Unique and Exciting Classes to Choose From

Like any respectable MMORPG worth its salt, Dragon Trail offers a total of four different classes to choose from before starting the game. These classes are the Warrior, the Priest, the Shadow Hunter, and the Ranger. Each of these classes offer some unique skills and play styles, though in this game they are somewhat streamlined to offer identical kits. As such, you’ll get a lot of AoE skills, regardless of the class that you choose, and then you’ll also get some unique mechanics and traits in each, which gives your choice considerable weight from the very beginning.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the four classes in Dragon Trail:

  • Warrior: Strong, beefy, melee combatants whose unique trait lets them jump around the arena and reach distant foes in a flash. Though they don’t have much in the way of ranged options, they’re highly mobile.
  • Priest: Despite what their name suggests, Priests are actually more akin to mages, in that they can wield the power of the elements to create devastating spells. They’re focused on inflicting AoE damage across large areas.
  • Shadow Hunter: Like the Warriors, the Shadow Hunters focus mostly on melee combat, but they are quicker and more fragile. Their unique trait lets them become invisible and gain increased damage for the attack that breaks the invisibility, functioning as a setup for very powerful single-target nukes.
  • Ranger: The easy mode class of the game that offers crowd control, good AoE damage, and mobility, all in one package. And the best part is that they can fight from long ranges, effectively making them quite easy to play.

Feel free to check out our Dragon Trail: Hunter World class guide if you want a closer look on what each of these classes can do. Regardless, you really can’t go wrong with any of these since they’re quite easy to use, and all of them are viable for all types of content.

A Vast and Detailed World to Explore

Dragon Trail: Hunter World has all the markings of a premium MMORPG, but in a f2p package. This includes a vastly detailed and gorgeous open world to explore, with tons of different locations, and a lot of beasties to discover and fight against, as you make your way through the story missions and other types of content.

From lush forests and jungles, to beautiful beaches and ruins, there’s no shortage of places to explore and see in this game. And especially if you’re playing Dragon Trail: Hunter World on PC with BlueStacks, you can enjoy the best graphics, on a large computer monitor, and with a silky smooth 60 FPS performance, without any of the drawbacks of gaming on your phone such as battery drainage and overheating.

A Wealth of Pets to Unlock and Upgrade

One of the defining features of Dragon Trail: Hunter World is its pet system, which lets you befriend, train, and evolve a variety of adorable creatures and turn them into lean mean killing machines. We won’t say that this game is purely a creature collector title, because it’s not. However, this is one of the biggest aspects in the game, which complements the fairly limited class selection quite nicely.

Depending on your class, you might choose to pair yourself up with a beefy monster so that they can tank for you, or perhaps with a more fragile but deadly creature to boost your overall damage. The choice is yours, but make sure to only invest resources on the pets that you like the most!

On a lesser note, this game also has a few different creatures that you can unlock as mounts, which will let you zoom across the land at lightning speed!

Many Different Game Modes to Enjoy

While you’ll be exploring a rich story that will take you across many different places to meet all sorts of people and creatures, there’s much more to Dragon Trail: Hunter World than its narrative. In fact, you could say that, while there’s definitely a plot to explore for those who are interested in this aspect, there’s a bigger focus on side content and other game modes, as is standard in these types of mobile games.

As such, whenever you’re not walking around running errands for NPCs in the story segments, you’ll probably be grinding away in dungeons or completing daily missions in order to farm currency, experience, or other useful materials for upgrading your gear, pets, or other aspects of your characters.

There’s no shortage of adventure in Dragon Trail—all that’s left is to go out there and find it!

Stunning Graphics, Animations, and Performance

No matter how large and varied a game is, your impression can vastly change depending on its presentation. In this sense, while Dragon Trail plays pretty well, it looks even better, considering that it has stunning 3D graphics and stellar combat animations throughout the entire game, which combine to create a veritable feast for the eyes. And while we know graphics aren’t everything, they’re still an important part of the package. 

There could be great games that you never feel like playing just because they look bad. And then there are also games like Dragon Trail, which both look AND play amazingly. 

Give it a try, we promise you won’t regret it!