Right before its launch, we wrote an expectation article about Valiant Force 2 where we listed everything we hoped to see in this new entry in the tactical RPG series. And while we did mention a few aspects from our own research, we also speculated a bit on how they would function. However, now that it has been released and is available for everyone to download and install Valiant Force 2 on PC with BlueStacks, we can actually dive in and take a look at some of the most important elements that it has to offer.

Table of Contents

  1. Stellar Visual Presentation Both In and Out of Combat
  2. Intense Tactical Battles
  3. An Exclusive Aura System That Adds Layers of Complexity When Building Teams
  4. A Variety of Game Modes

In this article, we’ll be listing a few noteworthy aspects that you’ll find in the new Valiant Force 2. If you’re on the fence on whether or not to try this new game, then perhaps this article will help you decide.

Stellar Visual Presentation Both In and Out of Combat

Gacha RPGs like this one tend to heavily favor the visual aspect of their character portraits and art to make it more compelling for players to want to unlock more of these heroes, which is arguably the main point of these titles. However, Valiant Force 2 not only has fantastic character art for all of their roster, but they also created a stunning visual design for their combat system, which is presented using 3D models on 3D environments. 

The models used in combat are crisp and clear, with barely any hint of aliasing. Particularly if you play Valiant Force 2 on PC with BlueStacks, you can truly appreciate all the details in these scenes by gaming on your large monitor. Moreover, you can also set the in-game resolution to maximum so that you can get the best image in your game, without worrying about any of the drawbacks of playing on your phone such as overheating and battery drainage, among others.

Intense Tactical Battles

When it comes to the main gameplay aspects in Valiant Force 2, the truth is written right there in the genre; Tactical RPG. As such, you can expect to find exciting tactical grid-based battles all throughout your time in this game, which is frankly quite a rare occurrence in the mobile market, as most gacha RPGs usually offer standard turn-based combat systems where one both teams stand on opposite sides of the arena and simply take turns attacking each other until only one is left standing.

There are many variables to consider when it comes to fighting and winning battles in Valiant Force 2. This includes the positioning of your troops, and the type of heroes you bring to battle, as well as the type of enemies you’re going up against, to name a few. And while these aspects are basically present in other games as well, this title also offers an exclusive and interesting Aura system in which you can arrange your units in certain formations so that they can link together and create powerful combos that trigger under certain conditions in combat. In this sense, while each character can only move and act once during their turns, these combos will allow them to act more times in combat, as long as certain conditions and triggers are met.

And now that we mentioned the Aura System…

An Exclusive Aura System That Adds Layers of Complexity When Building Teams

When it comes to gacha RPGs, the usual answer to the team building question is to unlock the best characters in the game and just add them to your team without a second thought. In Valiant Force 2, however, not only do you have to worry about recruiting top tier characters, but their position within your formation will greatly affect their performance in combat thanks to the Aura System.

The Aura System revolves around two main aspects: Aura Bearings, and Aura Triggers. The former are simply the colored arrows that are sticking out of your character’s icons in the formation screen. Meanwhile, the latter are the icons on the top right of your character’s icons on this same screen. The way this system works is that, whenever a character’s Aura Bearing is pointing towards a character that has an Aura Trigger of the same color, they will be linked. In this sense, whenever the conditions for triggering the first character’s triggers are met, the linked characters will also benefit from their Aura passive.

By arranging your units optimally, you can create long Aura passive combos that allow your units to act many times in a single turn. As such, the correct usage of this system will be pivotal for your success in Valiant Force 2, as it’s very difficult to simply brute force your way through combat encounters, particularly at the beginning when you’re always underleveled. 

This mechanic is not only exclusive to Valiant Force 2, but is always quite complex. As such, we recommend checking out our Aura System guide if you want to learn more about it.

A Variety of Game Modes

As expected from a game in this genre, Valiant Force 2 not only has an engaging adventure mode where the story events unfold as you clear missions, but it also has a variety of other game modes to keep the gameplay fresh and exciting at all times. Whether you’re a fan of PvP arenas, or enjoy sinking your teeth into tough PvE superbosses, you can find a lot of fun in this title.

And even if you don’t enjoy combat exclusively, and would like a bit of respite from the constant battling, Valiant Force 2 also offers an Airship mode where you can build and customize your own inhabitable airship. And while this game mode is unlocked a bit far into the story, you’ll be able to use it as your main base of operations where you will see your unlocked characters walking around and interacting with the environment. You can also chat with your heroes and get to know them better, and overall spend a nice moment together whenever you want to take a break from the action.

Whether you’re a fan of PvE content; enjoy proving your might against other players in thrilling PvP encounters, or simply like to hang back and relax in your own central hub, Valiant Force 2 has you covered. Download it today on PC with BlueStacks and see for yourself!