Activision faced heavy backlash when the CoDM players took to Reddit to show their frustration about the movement nerf that prevented players from opening their scope while sliding. The nerf was first discovered by players who were part of the public test build. Several players even uploaded clips of the movement nerf and were unhappy about it.  

However, in their recent community update, Activision revealed that the so-called “nerfs” were nothing but mere bugs. They clearly stated that these bugs would be fixed in the future. Here are some of the bugs that players playing in the public test build discovered:

  1. Sliding aim animation bug.
  2. Sliding speed getting reduced while aiming.
  3. Sliding getting interrupted while aiming.
  4. When a player uses ADS, its speed is reduced.

Additionally, as per Activision, they are working on making some changes to the ability “Dropshot.” On facing an enemy, it goes prone immediately to change its hitbox and makes aiming much more difficult for the players. Activision also made it very clear that everything will be changed once Season 2 begins in CoD Mobile. If you’re wondering what’s coming in Season 2, then we highly recommend you check out our previous stories.

Return of Hardcore Modes

Great news for all the players as hardcore modes are returning to Call of Duty: Mobile on PC. These modes add a new twist to the multiplayer game by adding a more intense and realistic gameplay experience. In these modes, player’s health is reduced by thirty percent. What’s even more challenging is that the minimap is disabled for these modes. It will only show the allies and enemies when a UAV is used.

Call of Duty: Mobile Developers Break Silence on the Movement Nerf at last; Guess what? They were just bugs!

Moreover, players have to avoid damaging their allies as any damage inflected on an ally player will be reflected onto the player. Players can now experience the real intensity and hardcore action in Hardcore Headquarters and Hardpoint modes in CoDM.

Hardcore Headquarters

In this game mode, players need to capture headquarters that’ll offer one point per second. Also, the team that captures the headquarter will not respawn once they are taken down. Meanwhile, the opposing team needs to demolish the headquarters that will lead to the headquarters respawning in a different location. The first time to reach 100 points win.

Hardcore Hardpoint

Players will have to control the hardpoint that will grant them one point per second like the Hardcore Headquarters. After every minute, the hardpoint will move to a new location. The team to first obtain 100 points will be victorious.

These game modes will be added to the game for a limited time and will be playable until February 17 at 6 pm CT.