In the previous month, Garena took it to social media to officially announce the pre-registration for their upcoming enhanced version of the Battle Royale, Free Fire Max. Following the announcement, we have a piece of good news to share with the players who are eagerly waiting for the launch.

The North American community of Free Fire posted a tweet on the official handle that a brand new map, Bermuda MAX is coming as a part of the Free Fire Max. According to the tweet, it will be showcasing the iconic Clock Tower and will be available to the players on the 28th of September.


Free Fire Max Adds a Brand New Map, Bermuda Max, that’ll be Available Right After the Launch

Well, if we are wondering what would be the difference and the extra features when comparing the maps of both the versions, then let us talk you through it. As we have always mentioned in our previous articles that, Free Fire Max is an improved and enhanced version of the original one in terms of graphics.

What we can expect in this new version and the Bermuda Max map is a heavy tweaking in the game graphics and a few functionalities. This might include the enhancement in the frame rates, graphics quality options, etc.

Free Fire Max Adds a Brand New Map, Bermuda Max, that’ll be Available Right After the Launch

Regarding the existing content from the older map which includes the Clock Tower and the factory locations, they will be the same in the new Max map, however, players can definitely expect a better look as making the game visually impressive is the ultimate aim of Free Fire Max.

There are only a couple of days left to pre-register for the game. So, make sure you pre-register on the respective app stores to get instant access to the game when it goes live on September 28th. You can easily link and switch your game account through Firelink to share the game progress in between the different versions and devices.