Genshin Impact: Promise Of A People’s Dream Teaser Trailer

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MiHoYo, the company behind the popular action role-playing game Genshin Impact has just released a new teaser trailer called Promise of A People’s Dream.

The trailer is just under 2 mins with great visual aesthetics and a Japanese style of storytelling, not to mention an amazing soundtrack to bring it all together. The short teaser trailer introduces us to the tragic back story of  Raiden Shogun of Narukami, voiced by Sawashiro Miyuki in Japanese and Anne Yatco in English. 

The Backstory From The Trailer

Raiden Ei, also known as the Raiden Shogun fought many fierce battles in the name of progress. But unannounced to the outside world, the title of  Raiden Shogun revered by the people of Inazuma was actually shared by Raiden Ei and her twin sister Raiden Makoto.

The two fought many battles together and often traded places as the Raiden Shogun. In the trailer, we can see her fight some iconic monsters from Japanese folklore. 

“With my blade, I purged all obstacles to progress. And yet..something was lost with each step forward. In the end, I even lost her.”

The deep bond was soon severed when Raiden Mokoto fell in battle defending their country. 

As Raiden Ei says in the trailer “But I’ve seen a nation strive forward, and lose everything to the Heavenly Principles”. The country( probably Khaenri’ah) was attacked by the gods because of its rush towards progress.

She says “The present moment is a fragile illusion. Only Eternity can bring us closer to the Heavenly Principles”  And now Raiden Ei protects Inazuma by halting progress and seeking eternity to bring peace to the world.

Genshin Impact: Promise Of A People’s Dream Teaser Trailer

More About The Raiden Shogun 

MiHoYo had previously released a video on “Raiden Shogun: Tranquil Thunder” giving us more details on the character.

Raiden Shogun the ruler of Inazuma and an archon resides high up in Tenshukaku. Apart from being a supreme leader, she is also seen as the symbol of eternal thunder and radiance by the Inazuma people. She is a martial artist constantly training to perfect her skills with the goal of achieving Eternity Euthymia.

The title of Raiden Shogun(Baal) is now managed by two personalities, one is Raiden Ei herself and the other is a puppet created to serve as Shogun, a link to the outside world. Raiden Ei spends most of her time in the Plane of Euthymia where she is immune to erosion or ageing fostering her belief in eternity.

She created the Shogun to be eternal without decay to serve as a leader for Inazuma in her absence for centuries. The shogun herself is bland, she is but a puppet with limited capabilities with no likes or dislikes controlled directly by Ei for the most part. Without that connection, the Shogun can be easily tricked by others and will be unable to perform even the most basic of tasks like cooking.

The Raiden Shogun is an SS tier character with Electro abilities. Her normal attacks using the spear can give the player a maximum of five combo strikes. Holding the attack button performs an upward slash in return consuming a bit of stamina. 

That’s it for now, you can check out more details about the shogun on the Genshin Impact Wiki here.

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