KingsGroup has finally revealed the collab character that they are going to release next after teasing it with images recently. It’s really fun to see the State of Survival community try and guess who the character would be even though they made clues quite obvious.

We also tried and guessed which character it would be and you can read all about what we have speculated about the new hero here. 

New hero Joker

As we have stated in the previous article linked above, Joker is one of the most recognizable supervillains from DC Comics. It will be really interesting to see what kind of weapons are going to be in his arsenal as the Joker can be super creative on the weapons that he uses against Batman. With that being said, if the Joker can fight the world-renowned billionaire, philanthropist, genius, master fighter — Batman, these mindless zombies can not stand a chance against him.

Joker’s Appearance and Personality

In the promotional video that the State of Survival’s official twitter has postedwe can finally see which version of the Joker they have used or at least got inspired from. The Joker’s appearance in the trailer highly resembles the appearance of the Joker in the hit Arkham video games. Especially in the prequel Batman: Arkham Origins which shows the younger versions of Batman and the Joker.

Joker Joins State of Survival with Official DC Comics Collaboration

Even though State of Survival’s Joker doesn’t resemble the Joker in the movie Suicide Squad, the game’s promotional video especially at the start is heavily inspired by a scene in the first Suicide Squad movie where the Joker tortured the Harley Quinn the same manner as the Joker in the State of Survival appears to torture a zombie.

Other State of Survival Collaboration

Before Joker, State of Survival also featured another famous character from pop culture, Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead. Daryl Dixon is one of the main protagonists of AMC’s The Walking Dead. He is part of the core group of survivors, known for his hunting skills and ability to kill Walker zombies flawlessly. His main weapon of choice is the Stryker Crossbow, an iconic piece of armory that has already put thousands of zombies to sleep.

The promotional video also says when the DC’s Supervillain The Joker is gonna debut which is on the 25th of November.

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Are you excited about this new character that is getting added to the game? Do you think they are going to add more DC comics characters in the future? If so, which DC comics character do you like to be added next? Let us know in the comments below!