New changes and mechanics are getting added to the Reservoir Raid system. just like the previous update, the new updates are going to be added to the PTR environment or State of Survival’s test servers so that it will more stable when it eventually gets added to the actual game.

State of Survival Update: Joker Teasers, Reservoir Raid

Now let us dive into what could possibly be State of Survival’s newest hero.

New Character Teaser

Based on State of Survival’s official facebook page post, a new character is going to be introduced in the game and it’s quite obvious who is it going to be. If we look at the images that are posted, there’s a distinctive pattern and the colors used in the image are similar to a certain mainstream villainous character.

The Joker

The Joker is one of the most recognizable supervillains from DC Comics  He is the main antagonist to Batman. Almost every time that Batman is being adapted into a movie or series, the Joker will almost always be there. The Joker even got his own movie adaptation, where the character was played by Joaquin Phoenix. 

State of Survival Update: Joker Teasers, Reservoir Raid

Joker’s Appearance Speculation

If we look at the current characters in the game, they mostly consist of war torn individuals that can fight hordes of zombies at any given time. The character of the Joker from the solo movie does not fit that category. If we look at the image that State of Survival has posted on itsofficial Facebook page, we can see that the color pallet resembles that of the movie Suicide Squad. Also, the Joker in that movie really fits the zombie destroyer kind of character. This is only speculation and you should take this with a grain of salt.

Before Joker, State of Survival also featured another famous character form pop culture,  Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead. Daryl Dixon is one of the main protagonists of AMC’s The Walking Dead. He is part of the core group of survivors, known for his hunting skills and ability to kill Walker zombies flawlessly. His main weapon of choice is the Stryker Crossbow, an iconic piece of armory that has already put thousands of zombies to sleep.

New Integration Mechanism 

SoS will soon introduce a new integration system into the Reservoir Raid and competition for water sources is going to be more fierce. The changes in the mechanics are going to be listed below:

  • When the building occupied by alliance A is captured by enemy B, alliance A’s total score of Reservoir will be reduced and Reservoir will fall around the building. Both alliances can send out troops to collect the falling Reservoir.
  • The difficulty of defending the central reservoir has been increased, Troops occupying the central reservoir will be disturbed by zombies in the Reservoir Raid battlefield.
  • This is because the alliances that have low scores in the early stage of the raid will have more chances to make a comeback and can still win the game even with an early deficit.

A legendary hero is also being added in the future, you can read more about the legendary hero Tina here.

Are you excited about the new collab character that is getting added to the game? Let us know in the comments below.