The Arena of Trial is a place brimming with magical energy. This place is like the Hyperbolic Time Chamber in the anime Dragon Ball where you can train without disturbing anyone in the real world. You can acquire a lot of rewards if you manage to finish the Arena of Trials.

AFK Arena Patch 1.78 is Introducing a New Hypogean Hero

The previous hero that was released by AFK Arena was Thesku, an intelligent hero who is also a serpent charmer from Sapeara, you can learn everything about him from our guide here. 

Arena of Trial Rewards

These are the items and rewards that you will be able to receive by participating in the Arena of Trials using the latest character:

  • 60 times Elite Hero Soulstones
  • 2M Gold coins
  • 300 times Diamonds
  • 6 times Small Pile of Hero’s Essence
  • 6 times Small Pile of Hero Experience
  • 6 times Large Crate of Gold
  • 60 times Rare Hero Soulstone

Newest Hero

Framton the Devourer of Flames is an Agility character from the Hypogeans faction. His skills are best suited for being a damage dealer. Framton is the manifestation of the mortals of Esperia’s lust for fire.

Bug Fixes for Heroes

  • Grezul the Corrupted – the issue that prevented the Demonic Assault ability from stealing the target’s power correctly in certain specific situations has been fixed.

  • Kelthur the Plaguegrip – the issue where the Blades of Fury ultimate ability that causes battles to freeze in extreme conditions has been fixed.

    • Skriath the Wise One – Skriath’s Boulder Blast ability skill’s description has been optimized but the actual effects of this ability remain the same.
    • Shemira the Corpsemaker – Fixed a problem where, in certain situations, the visual effects of the Soul Siphon Ability were displayed abnormally when players possessed the relic “The Sinful Heart” in the Arcane Labyrinth.
  • Treznor the Aggrieved – Fixed an issue wherein Treznor’s damage immunity effect was not correctly removed under certain extreme circumstances when he was in a dismounted position as a result of continuous high damage attacks.

Other Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue preventing the Relic “Deathly Embrace” from working as intended in certain situations.
  • Fixed an issue that was caused by the Relic “Voodoo Doll”, which was abnormally affecting battles in certain extreme conditions.

AFK Arena Patch 1.78 is Introducing a New Hypogean Hero

Recurring Events

Winter is Here – is a one-time event where you can claim these bountiful rewards just by logging into the game, there are the rewards that you can get:

  • 1500 times Diamonds
  • 9 times Large Crate of Hero’s Essence
  • 3 times Common Hero Scroll
  • 20 times Primordial Emblem
  • 12 times Amplifying Emblem
  • 80 times Twisted Essence
  • 100 times Elemental Shard

Cursed Realm – The new “Cursed Realm” calculation time will be from Monday 12:00 up to Tuesday 12:00 UTC. during this time, no challenges will be available. 

Other Changes

Added a Collect All function to the quests, which allows players to claim all completed Daily and Weekly rewards with the tap of a finger.

Abyssal Aid will become a permanent feature after this update is implemented.

Added new legends championship frames to the road to glory.

Many players have really appreciated the addition of the Collect All function, are you one of them? Let us know in the comments below.