Azur Lane: The Lantern Festival is Coming Back!

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Your game knowledge is going to be put to a test because the pop quiz event is coming back. Do you have what it takes to answer all the seven questions?

If you have not tried to play this unique game of ships yet, you can do so directly on your PC. You can read our blog on how to install and register for Azur Lane on PC here.

New Event

Shipbuilding Support Plan 

The Shipbuilding Support Plan is a three-day login event that will give you shipping support tickets and intel points. Special missions are also available during this event that will give you intel PT and various rewards. 

Azur Lane: The Lantern Festival is Coming Back!

Here are the special missions:

  • Clear submarines 3 – 4
  • Build 3 ships.
  • Sortie and obtain 15 victories.
  • Sortie and clear 1 non-event hard mode stage.
  • Clear 1 lite rerun event stage.
  • Obtain all these ships:
    • Tashkent.
    • Chapayev.
    • Sovetskaya Rossiya.
    • Gangut.
    • Grozny.
    • Pamiat Merkuria.
    • Minsk.

Bullin Support Plan 

Get specialized Bulin Custom MKII for free by completing all special missions and collecting specialized cores. Here are the missions that you can do:

  • These missions will give 100 specialized cores:
    • Clear 9 hard mode stages.
    • Get any DD to level 90.
    • Get any CV or CVL to level 90.
    • Get a CA or CL to level 90.
    • Get any BB or CC to level 90.
    • Clear the Fierce Assault daily 9 times.
    • Clear the escort missions daily 9 times.
    • Clear the advance mission daily 9 times.
    • Win 35 exercises.
    • Conduct research 10 times.
    • Complete 30 commissions.
  • These missions will give 200 specialized cores:
    • Build 30 ships.
    • Clear 6 – 4.
    • Train 10 Meowfficers.
  • Win 1 battle with a Universal Bulin or Prototype Bulin MKII in the fleet for 300 specialized cores.

Rerun Events

Lantern Festival 

Every day at midnight, a riddle attempt will be unlocked. Answer 7 questions correctly to get awesome rewards. You can get rewards for each riddle you manage to answer correctly. 

Azur Lane: The Lantern Festival is Coming Back!

Do your homework now because here are the questions in the event:

  • The largest caliber of gun equipped by a destroyer was?
  • The “knot” is a unit of speed equal to?
  • The phenomenon of firing shells around a ship without directly hitting is called?
  • The last battleship was completed in?
  • Which of the following is not a takeoff method for carrier-based aircraft?
  • Which of the following is not a torpedo fuze type?
  • The correct abbreviation for the high explosive shell is?
  • How many T4 gear parts are you able to purchase from the guild shop each week?
  • An aircraft carrier that is concealed will gain the following buffs?
  • In operation siren, the maximum number of missions you can have at once is?
  • In the gear lab, which category of gear has the most options for development?
  • Which of the following actions will not reduce your chance of being ambushed?
  • How much EXP can a T1 exp data pack hold?

Northern Overture Rerun 

This event will reintroduce the 7 Northern Parliament Ships along with skins accompanying those ships. You can also get a furniture set that you can exchange in the shop. 

These are the seven Northern Parliament Ships listed below:

  • Sovetskaya Rossiya
  • Chapayev
  • Tashkent
  • Gangut
  • Pamiat Merkuria
  • Grozny
  • Minsk

These are the skins that will accompany them that can be purchased using gems:

  • Sovetskaya Rossiya – The Lackadaisical Lookout 
  • Avrora – Shackled Saule
  • Chapayev -The Captive Cavalier
  • Tashkent – The Bound Cruiser
  • Gangut – Imposing Warden
  • Pamiat Merkuria – Caged Minx
  • Grozny – Bad Bunny Behind Bars 
  • Minsk – Thunderous Jailor

Daily Tasks 

These 3 tasks will be available to be completed for each day of the event. It will reset on the next day. Completing these tasks will also give you Intel Points that you can use as a currency in the shop. 

These are the daily tasks you need to complete:

  • Build 3 Ships – 300 Intel Points
  • Sortie and Obtain 30 Victories – 300 Intel Points
  • Sortie and clear 1 non-event Hard Mode Stage -150 Intel Points

Map Completion Tasks 

Clearing certain maps will also give you rewards and a bonus reward if you manage to complete the map with at least 3 stars. Here are the maps and rewards:

  • A1/C1 – 200 Points + 500 Oil bonus reward.
  • A2/C2 – 400 Points + Universal Bullin.
  • A3/C3 – 600 Points + T3 Battleship Retrofit Blueprint.
  • B1/D1 – 400 Points + 500 oil bonus reward.
  • B2/D2 – 600 Points + Trial Bullin MKII
  • B3/D3 – 800 Points + T3 Battleship Retrofit Blueprint
  • Special furniture reward for clearing D3 map – Northern Front Medal
  • You can unlock the special frame Proof of Solidarity by doing Call to Arms Missions.

Special Shop 

You can use all the intel points that you manage to collect to purchase in the shop. These are the items that you can buy:

  • These items are available 30 times and need 30 intel points to buy:
    • T3 Anti-Air Gun Part
    • T3 Torpedo Part
    • T3 Main Gun Part 
    • General Part 
  • These items are available 4 times and need 300 intel points to buy:
    • T4 Royal Tech Pack 
    • T4 Sakura Tech Pack 
    • T4 Eagle Tech Pack 
    • T4 Ironblood Tech Pack
  • Oxy-cola – 15 points – available 100 times
  • 1000 Oil – 450 points – available 5 times
  • 2000 Gold – 500 points – available 5 times
  • T3 Aircraft Part – 30 points – available 30 times
  • Special Strengthening Unit S2 – 1000 points – available 10 times
  • Strengthening Unit S2 – 500 points – available 30 times
  • Rare Cat Box – 250 points – available 10 times
  • Elite Cat Box – 500 points – available 5 times
  • Super Rare Cat Box – available 2 times
  • Cognitive Chips – 300 points – available 10 times
  • T3 Triple 152mm Main Gun (B-38 MK5) Design – 135 points – available 15 times
  • Twin 130mm Main Gun (B-2LM) – 2000 points
  • Minsk – 4000 points – available 5 times
  • Chapayev – 8000 points

Azur Lane: The Lantern Festival is Coming Back!

You can also get rewards depending on how many Intel points you managed to collect during the duration of the event. These are the rewards you can get:

  • 100 – 4,500 intel points
    • 5x T2 Random Skill Book
    • T2 Cruiser Retrofit Blueprint
    • T2 Destroyer Retrofit Blueprint
    • 200x Cognitive Chips
    • 300x Cognitive Chips
    • T2 Carrier Retrofit Blueprint
  • 5,000 – 14,000 intel points
    • 2x T3 Offensive Skill Book
    • 300x Cognitive Chips
    • T3 Cruiser Retrofit Blueprint
    • T3 Destroyer Retrofit Blueprint
    • 2x T3 Support Skill Book
    • T3 Battleship Retrofit Blueprint
    • T3 Carrier Retrofit Blueprint
    • 2x T3 Defensive Skill 
    • Gangut
    • 2x T3 Random Skill Book
  • 15,000 – 100,000 intel points
    • Special Strengthening Unit S2
    • Gangut
    • 500x Cognitive Chips
    • 5x T3 Random Skill Book
    • 2x T3 Random Retrofit Blueprint
    • 2x Special Strengthening Unit S2
    • T5 Eagle Tech Pack

Head Maid’s Request 

Complete a series of tasks each day for 14 days to be able to get a limited skin for Belfast called Shopping with the Head Maid. 

Here are the tasks that you can do:

  • Sortie and obtain 5 Perfect victories.
  • Enhance gear 2 times.
  • Conduct 2 Exercises.
  • Complete 2 commissions.
  • Retire 2 ships.
  • Complete 3 Daily Challenges.
  • Enhance ships 5 times.
  • Conduct tactical training 2 times.
  • Resupply the Dorm with Snacks 5 times.
  • Defeat 20 enemies.
  • Open 1 Tech Box.
  • Enhance ships 5 times.
  • Retire 2 ships.
  • Sortie and defeat 3 Boss Fleets.

How many inter points and shipbuilding support tickets have you collected so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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