Call of Duty: Mobile Season 8 has received the first-ever Battle Royale map ‘Blackout’ introduced ever in the Call of Duty franchise. Blackout was first introduced in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and the mobile version players will be getting the same experience of the map including Nuketown and Hijacked. The map is now available for all the players via the latest Call of Duty: Mobile Season 8 update.

If you are interested to know about the Blackout map there are quite a few iconic places in the map and with the new mechanics of the Battle Royale mode for the mobile version the map has many new things to try out. As mentioned earlier the Blackout map is filled with references from the Black Ops universe, here are some of the iconic places which you will find in the map:

Raid (Estates)

Call of Duty: Mobile - A Closer Look at the New Battle Royale ‘Blackout’ Map

Estates is named after the two mansions in the northernmost part of the map in Blackout. First released in Black Ops is a set of Hollywood hills and with iconic pools and water fountains. The map is quite popular for snipers having long lanes but mostly the number of close-range encounters make it more fun to play around.


Array is a medium-large sized map in the frozen tundra but it has been made in the sunny area of the blackout. Array can be identified because of its main central building which is quite popular for close range fights. Array has been tweaked a bit and you will spot quite a few more buildings in the surrounding area compared to Black Ops.

Firing Range

Firing Range is quite an iconic map from Black Ops and it has been made in the center of Blackout which means it’s quite a hot drop in the map. The map is no different from the original version although to make it more optimized in Battle Royale mode it has been tweaked a bit by adding buildings in the surrounding and obstacle course, although you can find quite good loots here.

Nuketown Island

Call of Duty: Mobile - A Closer Look at the New Battle Royale ‘Blackout’ Map

Nuketown is one of the most popular maps in the history of the Call of Duty franchise, the map has been introduced in Call of Duty: Mobile multiplayer mode too. To keep the map as iconic as it is Nuketown gets a small island a bit west in the map of Blackout. The island can be accessed with an underground network of rooms and tunnels from several locations including the bunker behind the blue house.

Ghost Town

The ghost town is a map that is based on the classic wild west environment. The map is inspired from the Outlaw map which was a part of the DLC update in Black Ops III. You can find the ghost town in the southeast part of Blackout, where there are plenty of two-story buildings and a good spot for snipers to take shots on their enemies with high ground advantage.

Cargo Docks

Call of Duty: Mobile - A Closer Look at the New Battle Royale ‘Blackout’ Map

Cargo can be found in the southeast of Nuketown Island, it is a very tactical map as huge containers can be found around the area. It is quite a good space to have fights and hide from your enemies, players need to think wisely and attack their enemies. The main has been tweaked a bit as the cargo rig may have short-circuited and no longer moves containers around, although you can still find plenty of loot lying around.