When people have a bad game, they often use an excuse that their aim wasn’t on point or they weren’t feeling it. However, most of the time the problem has nothing to do with aim and more with understanding the fundamentals. See, there is something called game sense and that is not limited to just CoD Mobile.

Covering Yourself

Starting off, make sure that you’re playing in a position where you have cover. This might sound basic but fully understanding the basics allows you to advance in anything that you’ll do. If you play out in the open, you’re forced to commit to whatever engagement the enemy throws at you. The best part of playing with cover is the ability to have a second chance in a gunfight. If you miss your first few shots there’s a chance for you to hide behind your cover and try again.

Another advantage to doing this is something called peeker’s advantage. Due to the way that online play works, players peaking at the angle will have a small window of time where they can see the enemy before the enemy sees them. Playing behind cover is very advantageous in aim duels. Instead of just holding an angle, you can gain an advantage by unpeeking from your position. Repeat it every few seconds so that if somebody does come to your position you can gain the peaker’s advantage.

Call of Duty: Mobile Multiplayer Mode Guide to Explain Where You're Wrong

Another reason you should be playing with cover is that you can move around and take fights from different angles. Let’s use the Rust map as an example. You have a lot of space to move around to isolate players from different angles and just become a nuisance for the enemy team. Even if you don’t get any kills, staying alive will buy time for your teammates to come help you.

This next tip is important for all players but really applies the most to snipers. Not only should you be playing in positions where you have cover, but make sure that your position allows you to fall back. Repositioning is just as important as good positioning. In CoD Mobile information is half the battle. If the enemy knows where you’re playing, there’s a lot of different things that they can do to take you out.

Call of Duty: Mobile Multiplayer Mode Guide to Explain Where You're Wrong

Pre-firing, nade stacking, throwing a Molotov, the list goes on and on. This is especially important if you like to snipe. Sniper rifles like the DL-Q33 can only fire a single shot at a time. The time it takes for you to fire a second shot is more than enough time for the enemy team to find out where you are. Then they can take you out of the round. So it’s especially important that all you snipers out there learn to reposition.

Changing your positioning is way too important. That is because it allows you to stay alive longer and buy time for your teammates to rotate and come help you. Giving your teammates an extra 10 seconds to rotate is way more beneficial to your team than trading 1v1s. So try to be a little less frag hungry when defending your bomb sites. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Multiplayer Mode Guide to Explain Where You're Wrong

Now you understand the basics of good positioning. Let’s talk about something a little more advanced. Once you start to play at a higher level, people get better with the grenade usage and pre-aiming. It’s possible that even with good positioning you can get cleared out by somebody who has a good mind for the game. If you find yourself getting taken out this way try playing off angles instead.

Off-ing Angles

An off angle is a position that’s out in the open that the enemy doesn’t expect. These are especially effective if your opponent is relying on way too much in pre-firing. That’s because when they go to aim at the usual positions you’ll be off to the side. This will let you have a few extra milliseconds to react before they realize what’s going on. That being said though you really need to be careful about when you utilize these angles.

If you play out and open early on the round, it’s really easy for the enemy to throw a nade over. You won’t be able to do much about that nade cause that was an angle you were expected to play. This is why off angles are most effective in late round situations where there won’t be many lethals left from either team. You most likely won’t have to turn away from a nade if you are not in the direction of it.

Call of Duty: Mobile Multiplayer Mode Guide to Explain Where You're Wrong

This next tip is something that lower level players don’t understand very well. The sooner you can implement it into your game the better. One of the biggest parts of having good positioning as well as being a good CoD Mobile player, in general, is just being unpredictable. If you play the exact same spot every round in the same way, the enemy is going to catch on to what you’re doing.

Then they will be punishing you for doing the same thing over and over. As mentioned before, in CoD Mobile information is half of the battle. If your opponent already knows what you’re going to do then you will have a lot more trouble succeeding in the game. Let’s take an example. A player peaks at the top of the Rust map pipes and gets two kills which by itself is perfectly fine. However, the problem is that the player tries to do it again. This time though the enemy hasn’t quite caught on yet. So he gets away with another two kills. The player hasn’t changed his position still and goes for more.

Call of Duty: Mobile Multiplayer Mode Guide to Explain Where You're Wrong

At this point though, the other team knows exactly what’s going on. They punish him with the snipe when he goes for the same peak three rounds in a row. Even at the lowest levels of the game, people can detect tendencies and punish you for making the same play too many times. The higher you go up the ladder the lesser information players need to understand how you play.

At the professional level, throwing a grenade at the beginning of the round can be all the opposing in-game leader needs to know. Just from that, they can tell what strategy you’ll be running that round. So make sure that you’re always tweaking your positioning and playing different spots so that the enemy can’t figure you out. This one requires a bit of coordination, but when done correctly the amount of skill you can farm is unreal.


Let’s talk about bait setups. A bait setup is when you play with your teammate in a way that catches the enemy off guard. One of you plays in an obvious position and makes contact with the enemy team. The other person plays in a less obvious position and shoots them from an angle that they weren’t expecting whatsoever. A good example of a bait setup would be in Nuketown. Let’s say you have one player jump spotting in the van and another player hiding in the window. Jump spotting out of apartments from the window is a very common thing for players.

Call of Duty: Mobile Multiplayer Mode Guide to Explain Where You're Wrong

If they get spotted the opponents won’t think much of it. When they see that player run away they will respond by trying to chase them down and get the kill. When this happens and they start to come out of the apartments and run straight into the second player’s crosshairs.

That player gets two free kills from shooting them on the side of the head. This happened in this specific scenario because the first player distracted the enemy team. They didn’t even bother to think that there would be another player close to their position. There are so many bait setups you can do on every map, so spend some time experimenting with a friend. 

This next tip is likely something you already sometimes do. One and done spots are random corners that you hide in to get a kill. What goes wrong here results in an immediate trade kill. This happens because you’re stuck in a corner with nowhere to fall back to. While 1v1 trades usually favor the opp side, there are some situations where a one and done spots are exactly what you need in order to help your team win the round. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Multiplayer Mode Guide to Explain Where You're Wrong

Let’s say, your team already has a man advantage. When you’re a man up, a one for one trade with the other team is perfectly fine. That’s because you can still maintain your man advantage. If you have a man advantage in a 5 vs 4 and trade 1 for 1 until the end of the round it becomes a 1 versus 0 and your team wins the round. One thing you might want to consider when using a one and done spot is the map that you’re playing.

Some maps are harder to retake than others. Depending on where you play you might want to consider staying alive instead of trading one for one. A good example of this is the firing range map in CoD Mobile. The firing range map is one of the hardest maps to retake in the entire game. There’s only three entrances and they’re pretty narrow. In this case you might not want to try trading one for one. If it’s possible then try to stay alive in a different position or maybe get two kills. If you play a map that’s a bit more open then you should be fine with playing one and done spots occasionally. 

Watching Your Games

Even if you feel like you understand the basics of positioning but can’t seem to have much success, then you may want to try watching your own demos. By seeing where things go wrong, you can gain a much better understanding of why certain plays didn’t work and how you can adjust for the next game. When you’re not sure if the position you’re playing is correct or not, try watching your demos from the enemy’s point of view. By seeing the game through your opponent’s POV, you can see what your plays look like from their perspective.

Call of Duty: Mobile Multiplayer Mode Guide to Explain Where You're Wrong

You might be surprised to find out that you’re always out in the open in a spot where the enemy doesn’t have to put in a lot of effort to kill you. You might see that even though you were playing in spots that gave a good amount of cover it wasnt enough. Most of the time players die because they’re exposing their body too much when taking fights. 

At the end of the day, it is you who needs to find out the the holes in your gameplay. Reflecting on your mistakes and making adjustments is a huge aspect of improving at CoD Mobile. If you haven’t tried this ye,t then it might be the answer you’re looking for. Higher ranked players would agree that positioning is the number one biggest mistake that they see from players. Decision making is the second biggest one. Both of these mistakes show how serious you need to be taking this concept and how important it is to improve. So go try out some of these tips in the guide.