The GKS submachine gun is the latest addition to Call of Duty: Mobile’s impressive weapon pool. Interestingly, the gun is also available with an eye-catching Kitsune camo skin. What’s even more surprising is that the players in CoDM can get this weapon for free via the “Run and Gun” seasonal challenge. However, it is a six-stage challenge, and players need to complete missions in each of the six stages to obtain the free weapon. Note that each stage has a unique set of missions for the players to complete.

How to get the GKS submachine gun in CoD Mobile?

Here are the tasks in each of the six-stages that players need to finish to get their hands on the GKS submachine gun.

Stage one

  • Task: With an SMG, kill five enemies in a battle royale match.
  • Reward: 1,000 battle pass XP and Medic – Warp.

Stage two

  • Task: With any SMG equipped with a camo from the Sand series, kill 20 enemies in multiplayer matches.
  • Reward: 2,000 battle pass XP and .50 GS – Warp.

Stage three

  • Task: With any SMG equipped with a charm and two stickers, win three multiplayer matches.
  • Reward: 3,000 battle pass XP and Backpack one – Cosmic Wave.

Stage four

  • Task: Players will have to fit any MSMC with the suggested equipment. (stability, endurance, and system recommendation one)
  • Reward: 4,000 battle pass XP and 15 weapon XP cards.

Stage five

  • Task: With any SMG equipped with the Toughness, Hardline, and Lightweight perk, win five multiplayer matches.
  • Reward: 5,000 battle pass XP and KN-44 with Warp camo.

Stage six

  • Task: Equip any SMG, and then win a battle royale match with your friends.
  • Reward: 6,000 battle pass XP and GKS – Kitsune.

Call of Duty: Mobile – How to Unlock the GKS Kitsune Submachine Gun

The Run and Gun seasonal challenge in Call of Duty: Mobile’s season one will conclude on March 9 at 6 pm CT. So make sure you unlock the GKS – Kitsune before the challenge ends.