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Call of Duty: Mobile Gun Guide for ASM10 – Is it the Monster in This Game?

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This is a Call of Duty: Mobile weapon guide and it’s about the assault rifle ASM10. ASM10, based on AN94, is a very common weapon in Call of Duty games. It is well known for its high damage and long-range capabilities. It has been the meta in this game for a while and it’s one of the best weapons of the previous few Seasons. However, in Season 1 both its firing range and ammo capacity got nerfed. So is ASM10 still good in the new Season? 

Call of Duty: Mobile Gun Guide for ASM10 – Is it the Monster in This Game?

ASM10 is very similar to AK-47 in all aspects. They are slow but powerful assault rifles that deal brutal damage in all ranges. However, ASM10 deals more damage to the body than the AK-47, which allows it to 3-shot an enemy. The time-to-kill figure of ASM10 is extremely good in close range. this makes ASM10 one of the top weapons in this game. 

Weapon Stats and Details

ASM10 has great damage, a slow fire rate, and moderate accuracy. It can dominate close to mid-range combat. By default, it has 25 bullets in the magazine with a fire rate of 550 rounds per minute. The mag size had been nerfed from 30 to 25 in Season 2. However, it didn’t have a huge impact on such a slow weapon. The quick reload time is 1.7 seconds and the full reload time is 2.8 seconds, which is surprisingly fast. Its ADS speed is 334 milliseconds, which is the slowest among all CoD Mobile assault rifles.

Call of Duty: Mobile Gun Guide for ASM10 – Is it the Monster in This Game?

Even as a slow weapon, its mobility is not too bad. The movement speed is at 6.6 meters/second, and ADS movement speed is around 2.2 meters/second. The base weapon stats indicate ASM10 is a slow but light weapon. Taking the damage and range of this weapon, to see how it performs in terms of time to kill, the ASM10 is a slow assault rifle similar to AK-47, with high damage and good range compatibility. In the new Season, its damage range got nerfed for close range. Now, it deals 34 damage up to 15 meters, 26 damage from 16 to 35 meters, and 20 damage beyond that.

The weapon has 2 standard body multipliers. Basically, if the bullet hits the head it deals 1.2 times the normal damage. If the bullet hits the body, it deals normal damage. In MP Mode, its time to kill figures is at the top level in close to mid ranges. It’s one of the three assault rifles in CoD Mobile with 3 shot kill capability. However, in BR it’s a different story. Due to the damage reduction from the vest, weapon damage is not consistent in BR; it has 1 floating damage in all ranges. Even though the time to kill figure of ASM10 is still impressive, it is surpassed by AK-47.

Call of Duty: Mobile Gun Guide for ASM10 – Is it the Monster in This Game?

Both weapons deal similar damage in BR Mode, but the AK-47 has a better range cover. ASM10 deals very high damage in close range. It takes 3 shots to kill the enemy up to 15 meters. This makes the weapon super powerful in MP games. Even with the nerf in Season 2, it still remains one of the top weapons in CoD Mobile. However, the damage drops significantly in the longer range. As a result, it is not very efficient to use in BR. 

ASM10 has the highest damage, fairly good accuracy especially for the first few shots, and poor mobility in terms of weapon speed. So, the main strength of ASM10 is really depending on its 3-shot kill ability in close to mid-range gunfights.

ASM10 MP Loadout

In MP games, most fights are in close to mid-range. This is the range where ASM10 is really good in the game. The only drawback is the mobility of this weapon, which you will have to improve with this MP build. To increase the ADS speed, first, choose MIP light barrel. Then use no stock to boost the ADS speed as well as the movement speed. Next, apply the stippled grip tape to increase the mobility even further. This will provide the best mobility for this weapon. You can also use the granulated grip tape instead, as well as the tactical laser to improve weapon accuracy.

Call of Duty: Mobile Gun Guide for ASM10 – Is it the Monster in This Game?

To finish up the build, you will have to add an extended mag to remedy the loss of ammo capacity. 

Comparison to the default ASM10

The default ADS speed is 20 frames which is 334 milliseconds. With this MP build, the ADS speed is only 13 frames, which is faster than the average. This gives a sort of advantage in the fast-paced games. Try to use ADS all the time, as hip-fire accuracy is terrible on ASM10.

Call of Duty: Mobile Gun Guide for ASM10 – Is it the Monster in This Game?

Next, the recoil patterns. Since this build is focused on mobility, there is not much improvement in terms of weapon accuracy. The recoil pattern of ASM10 is going towards the right first, then back to the middle. The bullet spread accuracy of the weapon isn’t great either. To sum up, this MP build will provide the best mobility and quick ADS speed. In close range, it can dominate MP games with high damage and good speed. 

ASM10 BR Loadout

For Battle Royale games, as most of the fights are at range, the weapon damage range is always the first concern. Unfortunately, the damage range of ASM10 was nerfed from 20 meters to 15 meters. This has a huge impact on ASM10 in BR. The first attachment you should choose is the OWC marksman barrel. It not only can increase the damage range by 28%, but also improve weapon control and accuracy at the cost of losing mobility. Apart from the weapon damage, the ADS accuracy is the most important value in BR. This is extremely important in a ranged fight. Use MIP strike stock to improve weapon accuracy and flinch stability.

Call of Duty: Mobile Gun Guide for ASM10 – Is it the Monster in This Game?

Next, choose the granulated grip tap and the tactical laser to boost weapon accuracy to the max level. Last but not least, a 40 round extended mag needs to be added to this build.

Comparison to the default ASM10

Again, the ADS speed. In this build, you sacrifice some mobility for better range and accuracy, so ADS speed is 2 frames slower than the default, which is not too bad. It’s quite slow in close range fight, but not a big issue in longer range though.

Next, the recoil pattern. The bullet spread accuracy will be significantly improved with this BR build. This can help you in eliminating your enemies in long-range fights. However, due to the horizontal recoil of this weapon, it might be hard to control in the long range. To sum up, this is a well-rounded build with a longer range and better accuracy, specially designed for BR. It provides good control, sufficient ammo capacity, and constant high damage at a longer range.

Call of Duty: Mobile Gun Guide for ASM10 – Is it the Monster in This Game?

Overall, the ASM10 is definitely the meta in this game. It’s one of the best assault rifles in MP games, if not the most efficient weapon in BR. The 3 shot kill capability makes ASM10 a top-tier weapon, however, the same advantage doesn’t really work in BR due to the damage reduction from a vest. 

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