Call of Duty: Mobile Season 3 Blade and Blossom Draw Complete Details

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Activision has been pretty affluent in providing new optimizations and updates to all of its titles and Call of Duty: Mobile is no different. The game has seen regular in-game season updates, the latest being Season 3 Tokyo Escape, a season based on a Japanese theme. The new season introduced a ton of new items and features, including various blueprints for different weapons and multiplayer maps. 

Other than these, additional in-game events of varying validity will be introduced in Call of Duty: Mobile in upcoming weeks. Starting from April 20, the game will see the dawn of the first lucky draw of Tokyo Escape named “Blade and Blossom Draw” and will feature the Legendary AK-47 – Kuromaku among the ten rewards.

What are the rewards of the Draw

The Blade and Blossom Draw has a total of ten items on the table, including a Legendary AK-47 blueprint along with an epic character skin and other rare skins for different items.

AK-47 – Kuromaku

AK-47 – Kuromaku boasts adjusted stats and already equipped attachments aiding the performance of the base version of the Legendary Blueprint. Here are the effects that it provides along with the stats:

  1. Damage: 48
  2. Fire Rate: 55
  3. Accuracy: 67
  4. Mobility: 68
  5. Range: 58
  6. Control: 44
  7. Kills broadcast with effects
  8. Bury the enemy with grace
  9. Reactive camo dependent on a certain number of kills

Sentinel Recon – Shogun

An exclusive shogun uniform for a soldier of the Sentinel task force, Sentinel Recon will be another rare item of the draw.

Hachi – Porcelain Yakuza

Justified by the theme of the season Tokyo escape, Hachi – Porcelain Yakuza is an obvious addition to the draw.

  1. Damage: 50
  2. Fire Rate: 10
  3. Accuracy: 70
  4. Mobility: 90
  5. Range: 10
  6. Control: 70

.50 GS – Porcelain Yakuza

Porcelain Yakuza is a skin for .50 GS or better known among fans as Deagle.

  1. Damage: 76
  2. Fire Rate: 33
  3. Accuracy: 88
  4. Mobility: 87
  5. Range: 50
  6. Control: 68

HBRa3 – Porcelain Yakuza

This skin for the Assault Rifle HBRa3 will be the second skin of the Porcelain Yakuza weapon set in the draw.

  1. Damage: 41
  2. Fire Rate: 70
  3. Accuracy: 55
  4. Mobility: 64
  5. Range: 48
  6. Control: 52

Flame Flourish

It is an emote for the operators.

Charm: At Rest

Charm: At Rest is a decorative attachable item for weapons.

Frag Grenade – Porcelain Yakuza

It is the final skin of the Porcelain Yakuza weapon set for the throwable Frag Grenade.

  1. Radius: 50
  2. Damage: 50

Daimyo design

Calling cards take the form of stylish backgrounds that can appear on a player’s nameplate in the game. You can get the Daimyo design calling card from the draw.

Wingsuit – Porcelain Yakuza

  1. Porcelain Yakuza, the wingsuit is the last Blade and Blossom draw reward on the list.

How to attain these rewards

All of the rewards of the Blade and Blossom draw are unique and rare. The rarity usually increases from one item to another. Needless to say, these rewards can’t be attained straight away or after the completion of any mission.

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 3 Blade and Blossom Draw Complete Details

The Blade and Blossom Draw is a paid draw like all of the previous draws, and fans who are willing to get their hands on the rewards will have to pay for it. All the transactions of the draw will be made in the form of COD Points, and the draw can be initiated with some fixed initial payment of COD Points. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 3 Blade and Blossom Draw Complete Details

This initial payment is fixed but varies for different servers.  After the first payment, if the users are lucky enough, they can grab AK-47 – Kuromaku in the first few turns of the draw, although this is highly unlikely due to the weapon’s rarity. If AK-47’s blueprint or another rare item is procured quickly, the price increases for subsequent turns. The whole Lucky draw may cost around 5000 COD points on average and players are suggested to fill their banks accordingly.

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