Epic Seven – E7WC 2022, Future Content, Quality of Life, and more in Major Awaken Update

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The Awaken Update is going to be the biggest set of events and updates coming to Epic Seven in the year 2022. Yes, the Awaken Update is not just a single update but a combination of updates that are lined up in Q2, Q3, and Q4 of 2022. Awaken Update can also be considered as a roadmap of the future content and changes planned for Epic Seven by Smilegate as they exclusively discussed and revealed through the showcase video on their official Youtube channel

Epic Seven – E7WC 2022, Future Content, Quality of Life, and more in Major Awaken Update

As we mentioned before, the Awaken update is not a single update but a multitude of foresighted updates for the year 2022. We will take a brief look at some of the changes introduced with the Awaken update. 

  1. Epic Seven has decided to continue with its venture into becoming an esports title with the announcement of E7WC 2022 (Epic Seven World Cup). 
  2. New Episode-based content like adding a new labyrinth as well as introducing a new area called Eastern Trading Ship. 
  3. A whole rework of the Sanctuary so players can acquire more MolaGoras, Penguins, and Phantasms faster. 
  4. New abyss challenge mode, new equipment-related benefits like a pity gauge while crafting and increasing the materials received when disassembling equipment. 
  5. Difficulties of existing stages in Episodes 3 and 4 while nerfing the missions required to get Adin. 

This is just the beginning of the changes being introduced. Read on for more in-depth details on the upcoming changes in the Awaken Update.

Epic Seven – E7WC 2022, Future Content, Quality of Life, and more in Major Awaken Update

For ease of people, we will lay down the major changes in 6 different major headings. We will cover the updates in these 6 different areas of the game: –

  • World Arena and Balance
  • Episode Based Content Added
  • Adventure Revamp
  • Hero Acquisition Revamp
  • Equipment Revamp
  • Content Revamp and Expansion

World Arena and Balance

Epic Seven has been out globally since the start of 2018 and has almost completed 4 years. For a game this old which has received continuous support and updates with new heroes and artifacts being added with each of them, there is bound to be a problem when there’s an excess number of heroes and artifacts to balance while new one’s are also being added to further dilute the pool of champions. This makes the game more fun from a hero collector’s perspective but it makes balancing the same a lot more difficult and makes the players frustrated with the imbalance between different champions. 

Epic Seven – E7WC 2022, Future Content, Quality of Life, and more in Major Awaken Update

This is the situation with World Arena, also known as RTA (Real Time Arena) in Epic Seven where players feel the game is becoming imbalanced with the release of new heroes with more loaded skill sets which are putting the old heroes’ skill sets to shame and relatively resulting in a power creep. To balance this situation, the developers have decided on the following changes coming specifically to the World Arena and to address the Balancing issues surrounding the game:

  • The number of heroes who will be pre-banned at the start of the match will be increased from 1 to 2 in World Arena. This number will only be increased in matches for players who are in the Champion league and above.
  • The Battle Frenzy effect which we currently see in the World Arena will get a bonus effect to stop the rampage of certain heroes. This effect is added in addition to the current effect. Players can expect to start seeing it from March 17th in Preseason and from March 31st when the next season begins after the testing phase is over. 

Epic Seven – E7WC 2022, Future Content, Quality of Life, and more in Major Awaken Update

  • E7WC Mode will be coming to the World Arena for players who have at least achieved Champion rank once in the World Arena. This feature will bring the advanced pre-ban system, pick/ban system, spectator mode, and all of the new things that accompany E7WC 2022. The top players who compete in this E7WC Mode will get a chance to be invited to E7WC 2022 championship. Players can expect this mode to come in May 2022. 

Epic Seven – E7WC 2022, Future Content, Quality of Life, and more in Major Awaken Update

  • A new game mode that hopes to bring new strategies in-game is also coming to Epic Seven. This new mode features 3 heroes fighting 3 enemies and is called 3 Team vs 3 Team. If you are familiar with how Guild Wars play out, well, this mode is similar to that except you have to battle 3 times against 3 teams composed of 3 heroes. The player who wins 2 times out of the 3 will be declared the victor. This new mode is expected to be released in the 3rd quarter of 2022.

Episode Based Content Added

New content that is related to the Episodes in Epic Seven is also in development. The developers state that they cannot share much but can share the information which is going to be available in 2022:

  • Cidonia Labyrinth – Cidonia Labyrinth will be the official new labyrinth of Episode 2 and will not be in the usual format of a raid where players can explore it multiple times. It is stated to be a 1-time clear style of content like we have in the Abyss. The new labyrinth can be accessed after unlocking Episode 2 and in Smilgate’s own words, the story of the labyrinth is as follows “The story follows the Cidonian Alliance’s ruin explorations after the fall of Straze, and is slated to be introduced to everyone in the latter half of the year.”

Epic Seven – E7WC 2022, Future Content, Quality of Life, and more in Major Awaken Update

  • Eastern Trading Ship – Eastern Trading Ship is also a new content being added to Epic Seven. This is like a tried and tested Dispatch mode where players can send their heroes and pets to a specified location where they will collect materials and resources for you and return back after a specified amount of time. Players can increase the success rate the more they use the desired heroes of desired elements of the pertaining dispatch request in the Eastern Trading Ship.

Adventure Revamp

Adventure Revamp constitutes all the changes coming to Epic Seven related to the Adventure Mode. The Adventure mode is the starting point for any new player who wishes to start his journey in Orbis. With the release of Episode 3, the difficulty levels of the stages were seen as too difficult to 3-star without leveling up certain heroes. This was not what players wanted as it was a basic mode to unlock new content in-game. 

Epic Seven – E7WC 2022, Future Content, Quality of Life, and more in Major Awaken Update

To counter this, Smilegate is finally reducing the overall difficulty of Episode 3 and some of the boss battles in Episode 3. Episode 4 will see no change in difficulty level in stages but will see nerfs in the special missions for Adin which are required to be completed to upgrade Adin, the mascot of Episode 4. Apart from this, other various changes mentioned are:

  • Urgent Missions are being nerfed in terms of difficulty levels and rightfully so because the urgent missions usually have a higher difficulty level than adventure stages and Episode 3 urgent missions were too tough to even complete. Added to that, Urgent missions will now have their separate area and will be considered a separate location so players won’t have to leave their current map to access it.

Epic Seven – E7WC 2022, Future Content, Quality of Life, and more in Major Awaken Update

  • The Adventure Points in Unrecorded History Side Story will now be amalgamated into a single currency. This can be further used to buy Catalysts from any AP shop in any Stage of Unrecorded History. 
  • New Story-based Episodes are in development and Episode 5 will see the stories of old heroes instead of focusing on new heroes. More focus will be brought to Moonlight heroes and their stories in the future Episodes of the main story.

Hero Acquisition Revamp

Next up are the changes to make Hero Acquisition much easier than what it currently is, especially the moonlight and mystic summon heroes. As we know, Epic Seven follows a banner system that guarantees the specified hero on the banner in 120 summons. This is a great system to obtain the units on the banners but what about the heroes which cannot be obtained through the banners – The Moonlight Heroes.

Epic Seven – E7WC 2022, Future Content, Quality of Life, and more in Major Awaken Update

The only way to obtain them is through Mystic Summons or through Galaxy Bookmarks, both of which are relatively hard to obtain. Further, Mystic Summon has a very high pity at 200 summons while the Galaxy Bookmarks do not even have a pity system associated with it. Well, combine this with the current imbalance in the World Arena situation where Moonlight heroes are creating havoc and this results in a chaotic scene. Smilegate has proposed the following changes:

  • Galaxy Bookmark summons now has a pity associated with them and players are guaranteed to summon a 4-5 Star moonlight hero after doing 30 summons. For existing players, they will be compensated according to the summons they made prior to this new update and will receive 4-5 Star moonlight hero tickets in their mailbox. This is scheduled to go live on 14th April 2022.

Epic Seven – E7WC 2022, Future Content, Quality of Life, and more in Major Awaken Update

  • Mystic Summons are getting a revamp which is going to make obtaining the desired 5-Star moonlight hero much easier. They are going to be doing this uniquely. Firstly, the existing moonlight heroes being offered come at the pace of 1 5-Star moonlight hero and 1 4-Star moonlight hero. Each will have its separate pity at 200 summons and 80 summons respectively. Well, now the number of 5-Star heroes coming will be 3 and each will share the same pity. Hence, players can choose the heroes they want to summon while not having separate pities for each of them. The schedules of these rotations will be shared in advance with the players through patch notes. Also, the release of new Moonlight heroes will take a break and the 5-Star moonlight heroes which haven’t been released in over a year will take priority to appear in the following Mystic Summons.
  • Custom Group Summons are also being introduced to reduce the difficulty of obtaining limited heroes. We have already seen this feature in some previous summons when Diene, Landy, and Luna were offered together in a group summon banner. The hero criteria for choosing the heroes in this custom summon banners are those heroes which have not seen a banner but have seen a rerun in 6 months and 1 year respectively. Hence, the limited heroes’ criteria is fulfilled for these heroes – Luna, Diene, Landy, Seaside Bellona, Holiday Yufine.

Epic Seven – E7WC 2022, Future Content, Quality of Life, and more in Major Awaken Update

  • Custom Mystic Summons are coming to Epic Seven from April 28th, 2022 till 21st July 2022. These custom mystic summons let players choose the 4-5 star moonlight heroes that they want to summon for and the pity for them remains the same at 200 summons. The heroes they can choose are going to be those who haven’t had a re-run in over 6 months. Players will use Mystic Medals to summon on this banner and players will get a Moon’s Mirage Coin for each to summon they do. They can use these Moon’s Mirage Coins to get their desired hero and this will act as pity. They will appear 2 times during the duration we mentioned.

Equipment Revamp

Equipment Revamp is coming after Smilegate acknowledges that with the addition of new heroes, the required equipment for them is just not available. Players want to give their favorite heroes the desired equipment but have to settle for bad or sub-par equipment due to the low chance of crafting good equipment in the forge while also getting low materials in the hunts to craft them. The equipment also plays a major role in the competitive aspect of Epic Seven which many high-level players complain about. To address this, Smilegate has proposed the following changes coming to Equipments and acquiring them:

  • Equipment mileage is being added in the Forge and the mileage lets players craft an Epic quality piece of gear of their choice and their desired set. The mileage varies depending on the level of the crafted equipment. 

Epic Seven – E7WC 2022, Future Content, Quality of Life, and more in Major Awaken Update

  • Some major Quality of Life changes are also coming to Equipment upgrading as players will now be able to auto-add the charms required to upgrade the selected equipment to a selected level where the levels are a multiple of 3 at – 3,6,9,12, and 15. Players can also see the upgraded substats and values are going to be much clearer. The amount of upgrading materials is also being increased to 20.
  • The amount of Cores being obtained from the extraction of equipment will be almost doubled after the update.

Epic Seven – E7WC 2022, Future Content, Quality of Life, and more in Major Awaken Update

  • A new Auto-Equip function will be added where players can select their desired sets, main stats, and sub-stats. This is going to be very helpful for new players who want their desired equipment to be quickly added to heroes.

Content Revamp and Expansion

The last part of the stream for Awaken update covered the changes coming to existing Content as well as expansion of it. We all know that Forest of Souls is the place where players do the majority of the things like Crafting, Reforging, Getting Skystones and Gold, Cultivating Phantasms, Penguins, and MolaGora’s, Dispatch request missions, etc. Well, it’s high time that Forest of Souls gets upgraded as the game is turning 4 years old and the content has been unchanged for the whole duration. Here are some of the proposed changes:

  • First and foremost, the graphical update for Forest of Souls will take place which will give it a more modern appearance as well as add new skill effects to match the theme of Epic Seven.

Epic Seven – E7WC 2022, Future Content, Quality of Life, and more in Major Awaken Update

  • MolaGora seeds will no longer exist and players will directly get a MolaGora from the places they usually got the MolaGora seeds from. 
  • MolaGora Farm will be added to the Sanctuary at Forest of Souls. Players can get 1 MolaGora more every week from this MolaGora Farm.
  • Sprit Well and Penguin Nest are now having 3 slots each for Penguins and Phantasms which should greatly enhance their cultivation time and increase the acquisition rate of these resources for all players.
  • A new place called Grace of Unity is being added where players can instantly upgrade a base hero to its maximum potential. Players can only select 1 hero at a time and it has to be placed in the Grace of Unity. Players can get the placed hero to its maximum potential as it will automatically be max leveled, max awakened, and max skilled free of cost. However, as soon as they remove or switch the placed hero, he/she will lose the effects and will be transferred to the current hero placed in Grace of Unity.
  • Pets can now be further upgraded to their 5th Generation. This will make them acquire more unique skills or further evolve their acquired skills to a better quality. The number of repeat battles will also be increased from 20 to 30 using 5th generation pets. This update is slated to come in the 2nd quarter.

Epic Seven – E7WC 2022, Future Content, Quality of Life, and more in Major Awaken Update

  • Hall of Trials will be getting a revamp to make it more interesting for old players while making it more accessible and easier to complete for new players. The currency called Wisdom’s Gaze is only available from the Hall of Trials which is used for exchanging in the shop for Exclusive Equipment as well as Artifacts and 5-Star hero Zeno. Smilegate will add a ranking system where top rankers will get additional rewards. A new Incomplete Fastus boss will also be added to the Hall of Trials on 4th April 2022. Along with that, Wisdom’s Gaze will be available more frequently from events for the ease of new players.
  • Abyss Challenge Mode is being introduced in the Abyss which will be available to all players who have cleared the 80th floor in Abyss. Instead of adding new floors, this new Challenge mode will provide better rewards and has the same conditions as Abyss where it is a 1-time clear content. The cost of entering one of these floors consumes 3 Abyss Tickets. Players can expect to see this content in the 2nd quarter of 2022.

Epic Seven – E7WC 2022, Future Content, Quality of Life, and more in Major Awaken Update

So, that covers almost everything coming to Epic Seven with this Major Awaken update. We are excited and happy to see the game growing at such a pace and getting updated regularly introducing more content and Quality of Life features for the ease of players. Make sure to read the official update notes. Share your thoughts regarding the Awaken update in the comments below!

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