Epic Seven, the popular free-to-play turn-based RPG game by Smilegate continues to push updates and more content with its scheduled bi-weekly update live streams on their official YouTube channel hosted by community managers Mashuu and Nue. These live streams give all players a list of things to look forward to, like the new events coming, new content updates, and the various new heroes introduced to the game. Players can also get free currencies in the form of leifs and gold by simply using the codes given during the live streams to open the gift chest sent to every player’s inbox. The gift code for this week’s live stream was – raniscoming.

This week’s update is bringing with it a new 5-Star covenant hero Ran. Ran is Vildred’s master from the past and is back to the lands of Ezera. Ran was teased in a previously hyped video where he was shown along with many other heroes and concept designs for upcoming heroes and skins. Ran’s skillset was revealed as well as a special side story for Ran was also teased – Summer and Winter. The existing side story apart from the above-mentioned called A Single Flame Engulfing the Full Moon is also starting its 3rd week. The new Arena season called “Conviction” is also coming and was revealed with new gear coming with it.  Let’s look in detail at the upcoming heroes and content.

Ran – New Ice 5-Star Hero

Ran is an Ice elemental 5-Star hero from the Thief class. He is a unit that is all about Attack Speed with a massive base speed of 129! Ran also boasts a great base Attack of 713. Ran deals damage that scales off his attack speed and with a high base speed of 129, he can deal a good amount of damage. Ran’s skills let him easily work for cleave teams while also being a threat to cleave teams as a good first turn opener in Arena and World Arena. Players are still testing Ran as he is a new unit that was just released so we cannot give an accurate use of him yet. Ran’s first skill Tempest is a single target damaging skill that penetrates the target’s defense by 20%. 

Epic Seven – New Hero Ran, New Side Stories, and Conviction Arena Season

This skill’s damage also scales with his attack speed. Ran’s 2nd skill Mental Focus is a support/buffing skill that states he gives Immunity to all allies for 2 turns while giving an Attack buff to himself for 2 turns. This skill also grants him another turn. His 3rd skill Instant Blade is an AOE damaging skill that targets all enemies while having an 80% chance to remove 2 buffs, 65% chance to decrease Defense for 2 turns, and 80% chance to inflict a Stigma debuff for 2 turns. This skill also grants him a Skill Nullifier for 1 turn. This skill’s damage also increases proportionally to his Attack Speed as well as the target’s Attack Speed. 

Epic Seven – New Hero Ran, New Side Stories, and Conviction Arena Season

Ran’s artifact Sword of Winter Shadow is a 5-Star artifact available to be summoned from the upcoming banner on 14th October 2021 after maintenance ends. This artifact states that when used it will boost the holder’s Attack by 15% and whenever the holder uses a non-attacking skill, he will remove 15 souls from the enemy team with a 100% chance at max level and awaken. 

Epic Seven – New Hero Ran, New Side Stories, and Conviction Arena Season

Ran is more oriented towards Arena and World Arena usage, mainly PvP areas as his skill set allows him to go 1st turn because of his high base speed. Ran’s kit is very overloaded compared to many other heroes of the same type and class. He can also Soulburn his 3rd skill to ignore effect resistance which makes him even more valuable as an opener.

His skills are as follows: –

Tempest – Attacks the enemy with a sword storm. Penetrates the target’s Defense by 20%. Damage dealt increases proportional to the caster’s Speed.

Mental Focus – Grants immunity to all allies for 2 turns before increasing Attack of the caster for 2 turns. Grants an extra turn to the caster.

Instant Blade – Attacks all enemies with a sword, dispelling two buffs before an 80% chance to inflict stigma for 2 turns, and a 65% chance to decrease Defense for 2 turns. Grants skill nullifier once to the caster. Damage dealt increases proportional to the caster and the target’s Speed.

A Single Flame Engulfing the Full Moon – Week 3

A Single Flame Engulfing is a special 3-week side story that is going on at the moment with 2 weeks already completed. The story’s introduction is as follows: – “The night of the full moon is approaching Meldrec as the people are busy trying to regain stability following the war!

To commemorate the end of the war and peace between the Muhrs, Khawazu decides to hold an even grander Full Moon Festival than before…”

Epic Seven – New Hero Ran, New Side Stories, and Conviction Arena Season

This side story is a 3-week side story but divided into 3 different areas, with each having its farmable event currency. Players who have cleared Chapter 10-10 in Episode 1 are eligible to participate in the side story. This is going to be a 3-part special side story where every part opens every week leading to new area stages. This is a new type of side story and features 3 different event currencies for each region:- Flames of Peace Chips, Pebble of The Full Moon, Shattered Star’s Power. Each currency can be obtained from its respective region. In this side story, all the areas of the region are open to all players from the beginning they enter that region. Players are given special tasks from Request Board stating the mission and reward. They earn Festival Points by doing these tasks as well which makes them eligible for rewards from the Control Booth. The rewards are as follows: –

  • 200 Festival Points – Gift of Success x5
  • 400 Festival Points – Gift of Joy x5
  • 600 Festival Points – Covenant Bookmarks x10
  • 800 Festival Points – MolaGora x1
  • 1000 Festival Points – Deserted Plains of Flame Background Pack x1
  • 1200 Festival Points – Epic Necklace Level 78 x1
  • 1400 Festival Points – Epic Ring Level 78 x1
  • 1600 Festival Points – Gold Transmit Stone x1
  • 1800 Festival Points – Flame Fox Lobby Pet x1
  • 2000 Festival Points – Flame Frame x1

Epic Seven – New Hero Ran, New Side Stories, and Conviction Arena Season

These rewards from the Control Booth can only be claimed once within the event period. Players can also take up to a maximum of 3 requests per day. Players can proceed to the next day to get more requests from the request board by using the Inn. Keep in mind that changing days also removes the limited-time items available per day from the event exchange shop. We recommend clearing the whole shop before proceeding to the next day. Players can also get Gold and MolaGora in every region up to 1,500,000 Gold and 3 Mola Gora total from the 3 regions. Players can also complete the event reputation quests to get a Gold Transmit Stone as a reward for completing all the quests. Players should also complete the side story missions to get 4 Mola Gora’s as the final reward. 

Epic Seven – New Hero Ran, New Side Stories, and Conviction Arena Season

Each region is a 12-stage region where players can earn different currencies like covenant bookmarks, sky stones, phantasms, charms, penguins, and gold by farming and 3-starring these chapters. Players can also get extra commodities and rewards by completing the various reputation missions and story missions. 

During this side story, if players use either of the heroes – Destina, Lidica, Khawazu, and Khawana then their stats will be increased in the following manner: Attack and Health increased by 30% and Level 60 Max Awakened. Rin, Lots, and Rina– Attack, and Health Increased by 30%. Players can also get bonus event currency when clearing stages with heroes equipped with the following artifacts – Blazing Full Moon Trophy.

Summer and Winter – Ran’s Side Story

Ran, the newest hero coming to Epic Seven is coming with his own side story titled Summer and Winter where he returns to the land of Ezera to meet his pupil from a long time ago. The description of the side story reads “The lone vagabond Ran visits Ezera once again. Recalling a young black-haired swordsman who was once his pupil, he heads to where they first met.”

Epic Seven – New Hero Ran, New Side Stories, and Conviction Arena Season

This is a standard side story that runs for 2 weeks. All players who have cleared chapters 10-10 of Episode 1 are eligible to take part in the side story. Players can explore a single region which consists of 12 stages with 2 main boss stages that give more event currency and has different difficulty levels to complete. Players can farm these stages to earn the event currency for this side story called “Sharpening Stone”. This currency can be exchanged for valuable items in the Event Exchange Shop for different items like MolaGora, Phantasms, Penguins, Covenant Bookmarks, etc. Try to complete the reputation missions as completing them will give players tons of resources like skystones, bookmarks, as well as silver transmit stones.

Arena Conviction Season

Pre-season which is currently ensuing will come to an end to make way for the new Arena season tilted “Conviction”. Conviction Arena season will start from 18th October. After the new season will begin, players who had unused endurance crests from the previous Arena season will get them converted to Conquest Points in their mailbox at an exchange rate of 5:1. New frames for all the players participating and ranking in the Conviction Season are released as well. Players can also purchase new Penetration Set gear from the arena conquest shop using their conquest points. This new set of gear will be available for purchase after server maintenance ends on 18th October 2021.

October Drop Rate-Up 2021 Banners

  • Politis with Knowledge of Seed (21/10/21 – 28/10/21)
  • Ran with Sword of Winter Shadow (21/10/21 – 28/10/21)
  • Destina with Shimadra Staff (7/10/21 – 14/10/21)
  • Kise + Albastron (14/10/21 – 21/10/21)

Epic Seven – New Hero Ran, New Side Stories, and Conviction Arena Season

That is it for all news regarding these bi-weekly patch notes for Epic Seven. Players can feel free to read the official patch notes to get a better understanding of the content coming. We highly recommend playing Epic Seven on a PC with BlueStacks using a keyboard and mouse.