You read that right; the most recent Epic Seven update is short but sweet, bringing a brand new character to the roster, as well as an awesome side story with a unique mechanic to explore. Let’s dive in and see what’s coming in the latest Epic Seven patch.

Politis, The Founder of Politia

Politis is a 5-star fire mage with a penchant for tinkering and engineering. As the last surviving inhabitant of a long-lost planet consumed by Fastus, her life’s purpose is to use her knowledge of dollmaking to create an everlasting city where all her creations can live in peace.

Politis is a character proficient in disrupting the enemy by blocking their buffs and sapping their combat readiness. To this end, she has several skills that can passively decrease the combat readiness of the enemies, as well as another ability that blocks enemies from buffing themselves outright. On the other hand, she can also speed up the rate at which buffs fade from enemies, while also increasing her own combat readiness, giving her more turns every battle.

Her skills are the following:

  1. Call of the Stars: Attacks an enemy and has a 25% chance to stun the target.
  2. Astral Guide: Decreases the effectiveness of abilities that increase the combat readiness of the target by 50%. This skill also activates the “Tranquility” passive, which makes it so that whenever an enemy uses a non-attack skill, Politis attacks the entire enemy team, decreasing their buff durations by 1 turn, and increasing her own combat readiness by 30%. The Tranquility passive can only activate once every 2 turns
  3. Starfall: Attacks the entire enemy team and has a 75% chance to reduce their Hit Chance and make it so that they can’t be buffed for 2 turns. 

Newest Epic Seven Update Brings a New Hero 'Politis', and a New Side Story, Among Other Features

Politis will be available for summoning when the new update goes live.

A New 5-Star Artifact

As is usual by this point, the new character comes with her own unique artifact, “Knowledge Seed”. This 5-star artifact makes it so that, whenever the wielder dies, they have a 50% chance to grant all allies a random buff, including Increase Attack (Greater), Increase Defense, Increase Evasion, Immunity, or Increase Critical Hit Resistance. This chance can be bumped up to 100% upon the wielder’s death by upgrading the artifact to max level.

Newest Epic Seven Update Brings a New Hero 'Politis', and a New Side Story, Among Other Features

Similar to the new hero, this mage-exclusive artifact will be available for summoning when the new Epic Seven patch launches.

New Side Story: A Civilization’s Final Transmission

This new story revolves around Politis and her personal journey as a member of an elite squad of Paradia charged with preserving the memory of her hometown before it was consumed in a celestial attack. Throughout this new arc, she must rebuild her civilization in the new town of Politia, though many obstacles and challenges will stand in her way and prevent her from doing so.

Newest Epic Seven Update Brings a New Hero 'Politis', and a New Side Story, Among Other Features

In order to access this new Epic Seven side story, you must first reach account rank 9, and then look for it in the Battle menu. Those who are lower can also find the side-story but won’t be able to access it until they reach the minimum level.

This side story is unique in the sense that, instead of being a linear map with stages, it’s presented as a board with many hidden pieces. After completing the first stage, you must then click on the puzzle pieces to move onto the other stages and work through the story. Once you complete all the pieces of a puzzle, aside from receiving tons of rewards, you’ll also unlock unique illustrations that will be added to the Art Journal.

The puzzle missions are assigned randomly from the moment they become available, but you can easily reroll and try for new mission goals up to 10 times for free, after which you’ll need to pay to continue rerolling. These reroll don’t affect the mission rewards; they only change the goals. Furthermore, all players can take up to three missions at one time. In order to take a mission, simply click on a puzzle piece and their objectives will be displayed on the rightmost panel of the side story menu. 

Newest Epic Seven Update Brings a New Hero 'Politis', and a New Side Story, Among Other Features

For every mission you complete, the album progress bar on the bottom will start to fill up, with each milestone in the bar related to an event in the side story. In other words, in order to unlock everything this event has to offer, you’ll simply need to clear as many puzzle pieces as possible.

Other Interesting Events

As part of the new patch, there will be two Drop Rate Up banners, one for Politis, and another for Tywin. During this time, players who roll using these banners will have a higher chance of receiving the corresponding characters. The Politis banner will go from 1/28 through 2/11, while the Tywin banner from 1/28 through 2/4. Get them while you can!

Newest Epic Seven Update Brings a New Hero 'Politis', and a New Side Story, Among Other Features

Lastly, from 1/28 onwards, players will be able to view ads in-game to receive 20 energy per ad. You can watch up to 5 ads per day, and receive a whopping 100 energy for free! Remember that if you play on BlueStacks, you can simply minimize the emulator and do something else on your PC while the ads are running, or simply use the Macro Recorder to automate viewing all 5 ads, and get your free energy with the press of a button.

Epic Seven Patch Release Date

The best part about this update is that it won’t require interruption of service nor downloading a patch; the new characters, side story, and other new goodies will become immediately available tomorrow, January 28th. 

What are your hopes and dreams for Politis? Are you planning on adding her to your team? Let us know your thoughts about the most recent Epic Seven patch in the comments below!