With the Genshin Impact 2.0 update going strong and there being a general excitement about the new characters from the Inazuma region. Sayu is one of the new characters who was introduced in the game with the latest banner along with Yoimiya. Sayu is a four star claymore character and she possesses the Anemo vision. She is a support character who can heal party members while using the buffs gained by Viridescent Venerer. Here are the details of the new character along with her skills, artifact, talents and team compositions with everything else which is required to utilize her full potential.

As is mentioned above, Sayu is a claymore Anemo character. She is a ninja from the Shuumatsu Ban. The Genshin Impact player base is hailing Sayu as a smaller Jean both in terms of her height and her skills. Let us take a detailed look into her talents. 


Normal attack

She will utilize four consecutive attacks to damage her enemies and while using her charged attack she spins dealing damage around her in a small area. 

Genshin Impact Sayu character: Skills, Weapons, Artifacts and more

Elemental skill – Yoohoo Art: Fuuin Dash

She curls up into a ball which is surrounded by Anemo. She deals AOE damage while rolling at high speeds. If the player holds her skill she will continue rolling without consuming stamina and if the player taps she will roll forward a small distance before using Fuufuu Whirlwind kick. 

Her skill will cause knockback on small enemies

Elemental Burst – Yoohoo Art: Mujina Flurry 

She will summon Muji – Muji Daruma who will deal Anemo damage to enemies within its large area. It also heals party members based on Sayu’s attack and it will choose who and how to heal based on the situation around it. 

  1. If the HP of nearby characters is above 70%, it will attack a nearby opponent, dealing Anemo DMG.
  2. If there are active characters with 70% or less HP nearby, it will heal the active character with the lowest percentage HP left. If there are no opponents nearby, it will heal active characters nearby even if they have 70% HP or more.

Passive talent: Silencer’s Secret 

This skill grants the ability to not startle nearby crystal flies and other animals when the player gets near them when Sayu is in the party. 

Passive talent: Someone More Capable 

When Sayu is the active character she will heal all your characters for 300 hp and will heal 1.2 hp for every point of elemental mastery while using her elemental skill or burst. 

Passive talent: No Work Today 

Her elemental burst will gain the following effects:

  1. The AOE will be increased 
  2. She will also heal nearby characters for 20% of the healed HP


For Sayu to be at her maximum potential she needs to have a four piece Viridescent Venerer with the desired stats for the artifacts to be as followed: 

Flower: Hp

Feather: Attack 

Sans: attack percentage/ energy recharge/      

           elemental mastery 

Goblet: attack percentage/elemental mastery. 

Circlet: attack percentage/elemental mastery

All substats apart from hp and defense are favorable for Sayu. With the priority given to energy recharge to run an elemental mastery/attack percentage sans. 


For weapons there are several options available for players to choose from: 

  • Starting from 3 star weapons there is the Bloodstained Greatsword which has the substat of elemental mastery. 
  • For 4 star weapons there is the Sacrificial Greatsword, Favonius Greatsword and the new Katsuragikiri Nagamasa all these have energy recharge as their substats. 
  • For 5 star weapons, all the wea[ons are good because of the high base attack they provide.


  • Constellation 1: Elemental burst’s healing limit is ignored and it attacks and heals simultaneously
  • Constellation 2: Increases the damage of the whirlwind kick based on the duration of elemental skill
  • Constellation 3: Increases the level of elemental burst by 3 
  • Constellation 4: Sayu recovers 1.2 energy everytime she triggers a swirl every 2 seconds. 
  • Constellation 5: Increases the level of elemental skill by 3 
  • Constellation 6: For every point in her elemental mastery it increases the damage dealt by the Muji – Muji Daruma’s attack by 0.2% ATK up to a maximum of 400% ATK and increases the hp restored by him by 3hp up to a maximum of 6000. 

Team compositions 

Genshin Impact Sayu character: Skills, Weapons, Artifacts and more

There are two ways in which Sayu can draw out her maximum potential in a team they are as follows:

  • Xiangling/Kayeya, Sayu and other characters based on your requirements. 
  • The other way is to use her elemental skill and elemental burst to heal your main damage dealers. She can be used in the same team compositions as any other Anemo support character. 
  • Sayu has been one of the most fun characters which have been introduced in the game in recent updates and we hope that you have been finding her fun too.