A new Shadow Warrior has landed in Idle Heroes, and his name is Onkirimaru. Could he be the game-changer that we’re all waiting for for the PvP and PvE modes? Read on to find out more.

Idle Heroes – Onkirimaru’s skills

  • Brutal Slash (Active skill) – Deals (800% of Attack) damage to backline enemies and Bleeds them, dealing an extra (600% of Attack) damage for 3 rounds. When Onkirimaru is in the Frontline, increases frontline allies’ Damage Reduction by 25% for 3 rounds; when he is in the backline, increases backline allies’ Precision by 48% for 3 rounds.

Bleed – When Bleed is inflicted, it’ll cause damage once; during its effectiveness, it’ll cause damage at the end of each round.

  • Samurai Spirit (Passive Skill) – HP + 50%, ATK +30%, Crit +30%
  • Blazing Wounds (Passive Skill) – Basic attack deals (400% of Attack) damage to frontline enemies, with additional damage (caps at 1500% of Onkirimaru’s Attack) equal to 15% of the target’s Max HP.
  • Enmity of Death (Passive Skill) – Upon Onkirimaru’s death, he will turn into a Ghost Sword, possessing the ally with the highest Attack and acting along with the ally. When the possessed ally releases active skill or launches basic attack, Ghost Sword will chase and attack the target, dealing (600% of Attack) damage, with additional damage (caps at 1500% of Onkirimaru’s Attack) equal to 32% of the target’s lost HP. If the target is killed by the Ghost Sword, Onkirimaru will revive at the beginning of the next round with 100% HP.

Onkirimaru Summon Event

The Idle Heroes developers want you to have the new hero as soon as possible, which is why you will have a higher chance of summoning him when you join the summon event.

Idle Heroes: New Hero Onkirimaru, Summon Event, and Codes!

Every time you reach 100 attempts at getting Onkirimaru, the summon odds will be raised. So at 200 attempts the odds will be tripled (x3), at 300 attempts the odds will be quadrupled (x4), and so on. Basically, here are all the odds:

  • 100 times – x2 odds
  • 200 times – x3 odds
  • 300 times – x4 odds
  • 400 times – x5 odds
  • 500 times – 100% odds

Note that if you already have 499 failed attempts at summoning Onkirimaru at Heroic Summon, the 500th attempt will (finally) guarantee you this Shadow Warrior hero. The progress meter will reset or return to zero as soon as you get Onkirimaru.

You can get additional Heroic Summon Scrolls by logging in daily. 

Palace of Eternity

During the event, you can use the following heroes from the previous 5 Hero Lottery events to replace the new hero;

  • Andrea
  • Waldeck
  • Eloise
  • Fiona
  • Gloria

You can also exchange Andrea and Tussilago at the Soul Stone Store.

Summer Sign-In Event

The summer sign-in event, Summer Refreshing, is ongoing. For a total of seven days, you can log in to claim rewards. The last day of the log-in event will give out a limited Skin Selection Chest.

Moonlight Gift

During the event, obtain the designated amount of VIP EXP to get these abundant rewards:

  • 2,500 VIP EXP – Non-Light/ Dark 5-Star Hero Selection Chest
  • 5,000 VIP EXP – Light/Dark 5-Star Hero Selection Chest
  • 7,500 VIP EXP – Mysterious Artifact Selection Chest

Additionally, Andrea now can be acquired from the Glorious Temple, Light Elite 5-Star Hero Shards, and Compass of the Transcended.

New Idle Heroes Codes

While you are at it, be sure to claim the new Idle Heroes codes this month:

  • IHAUG2021 (valid till August 31)
  • SUMMERPARTY (valid till August 12)

These codes will give five Heroic Scrolls and 500 Gems.