Grab your woks, get your chopsticks, and get ready to dine on the best oriental dishes as Idle Heroes launches another Chinese Restaurant event.

Here is what you need to know about this week’s update.

Chinese Restaurant event

This event is all about gathering Tanghulu to be exchanged for rewards like Wishing Coins and Gold. At 3,600 Tanghulu, you can get the Demon Bell artifact which gives you +18.0% Attack, +14.0% HP, and +50 Energy at max stats.

The Tanghulu drops for this event end on April 30 (UTC/GMT+0) while the exchange ends on May 1, 00:00 (UTC/GMT+0).

Idle Heroes on PC: Chinese Restaurant Event, the Moonlight Gift, and more!

If you are scraping for some Tanghulu, you can get 100 pieces of Tanghulu by logging in this week as part of the Daily Gifts. You will also get 1x Wishing Coin.

Wishing Fountain event

Aside from the Chinese Restaurant event, you can also gain rewards from the Wishing Fountain event. This one does not require Tanghulu, however, you will have to earn enough points to get rewards. The ultimate reward you can get is the Shadow Mage Jahra which costs 300 points. Other rewards that you can get in the Wishing Fountain event will be sent via in-game mail.

Note that the Super Wishing Fountain spins are excluded from the Wishing Fountain Prizes Event. A maximum of nine rounds can be completed during the event.

Moonlight Gift event

Get VIP points to claim the following rewards:

  1. 2,500 points – Luxury 5-Star Hero Selection Chest (Non-Light/ Dark)
  2. 5,000 points – Luxury 5-Star Hero Selection Chest (Light/ Dark)
  3. 7,500 points – Mysterious Artifact Selection Chest

The two Luxury Chests include heroes that are not yet in the Glorious Temple while the Mysterious Artifact Chest does not include Snow Heart. Note that each reward can only be obtained once.

Gray Dwarf’s Blessing

If you have been wanting to level up and strengthen your heroes for the longest time, the Gray Dwarf’s Blessing is another event you do not want to miss. All players are given the chance to upgrade their 4-star or above Orange Suits and even create Exclusive Class Suits. All you need to do is consume some Gold to do Class Suits Conversion and Resonance Suits Conversion.

Idle Heroes on PC: Chinese Restaurant Event, the Moonlight Gift, and more!

There are also four kinds of value packages for sale, with each package containing different items to suit your needs.

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