MARVEL Strike Force, the turn-based role-playing game published by FoxNext, has updated its users regarding the passive abilities of one of its newest characters: Deathpool.

Deathpool is the daughter of the beloved Marvel anti-hero Deadpool and Death itself. Deathpool, born of cosmic magic and the love shared between Deadpool and Death, is the representation of Death and acted as Death in her universe until Thanos gathered all the infinity stones and killed Deadpool, who he blamed for Death ceasing to exist. Now, one may wonder how Deadpool could possibly fall in love with Death itself, but the writers from Marvel have an intriguing answer to this. Once upon a time, Deadpool found himself dead and stuck in the land of Limbo, which is where he met the cosmic force known as Death. After having died several times, and hence meeting Death on several occasions, Deadpool and Death fall in love, and with the help of cosmic magic give birth to their daughter, Deathpool.

MARVEL Strike Force Issues Update Regarding Deathpool’s Passive Ability

After the birth of Deathpool, Death vanishes, with her daughter taking her place and keeping the balance of Death and Life alive. This, however, is not acceptable to Thanos, who is obsessed with Death, and hence takes it upon himself to kill Deadpool using the infinity stones, since it is Deadpool he blames for the vanishing of Death. Thanos not only wants to kill Deadpool in this universe but every version of Deadpool that exists in the multiverse, which is why he leaves for the next universe after having exterminated Deadpool in the current universe using a portal. This is where Deathpool’s Event Campaign begins, as she follows Thanos throughout the Multiverse to stop him, and eventually reaches Nexus Earth.

Deathpool’s Abilities

Deathpool has a host of abilities and attacks, including basic, special, ultimate, and passive. They are as follows, as mentioned on the MARVEL Strike Force website:

Traits: Hero, Cosmic, Mystic, Brawler, New Warriors

Basic – Fatal Flourish

Clear all negative effects on this character. If negative effects are removed, heal self for 5% per negative effect removed.

Heal self for 10% of Max Health.

Attack primary and adjacent targets for 300% damage + clear Deathproof.

Flip Stealth + Speed Up on primary and adjacent targets.

If the enemy is a MINION, attack that enemy for 600% damage instead.

This attack cannot be blocked.

Special – Danse Macabre

Energy Cost: 5/5

Transfer all negative effects from this character to the primary target.

Attack primary target for 300% damage.

Attack all adjacent targets for 270% damage.

Steal 10% Health from primary and adjacent targets and redistribute to all MYSTIC allies.

Spread all negative effects from the primary target to all adjacent targets. This will not spread Stun.

Ultimate – Reap What You Sow

Energy Cost: 3/3

Clear Deathproof from primary target.

Attack primary target for 500% damage + apply 2 Bleed for 2 turns, then gain +1 Charged, up to a maximum of 5.

Gain +5000% Extra Focus for this attack.

If at maximum Charged — Attack primary target for 20000% Piercing instead. Clear Charged. This attack is Unavoidable and cannot be Blocked.

Passive – Death Comes For All

On enemy Death, Heal self for 10% of Max Health and attack the most injured enemy for 300% damage + clear 3 positive effects.

In RAIDS — On Spawn gain +1 Charged, up to a maximum of 5. On Spawn, fill Speed Bar by +10% + 5% for each MYSTIC ally. On enemy Death, generate 1 Ability Energy for 2 random MYSTIC allies or self.

Gain +5% Drain for each Charged on this character.

MYSTIC allies gain +10% Drain.

Gain +20% Max Health. NEW WARRIOR allies gain +20% Max Health.

Issues Regarding Passive Ability

Strike Force recently released an update regarding Deathpool’s passive ability on their website, stating that the English-only version of the update of Deathpool’s passive ability was pushed live on the 31st of August 2021 unintentionally. The change stated that Deathpool would not trigger a bonus attack when personally killing an enemy unit. The website states that had this been a true change, it would have applied to all languages, and not just English, and would also be followed by an official announcement by the developers. Since this was done unintentionally, however, the text change has been undone.

There was another text change that stated, “On enemy Death, generate 1 Ability Energy for 2 random MYSTIC allies or self that was not at full energy on the start of the current turn.” This too was pushed early unintentionally but shall remain, and the localisations for other languages will be updated in the coming week.

The dev team is also working on matching the description to Deathpool’s abilities more closely so that a bonus attack is triggered if she kills an enemy character. This update, however, will require a new client, and hence won’t be implemented until version 5.7.0. of the game, which will be released several weeks later.