Mobile Legends: Bang Bang: In-Game Changes Coming with the Project “NEXT”

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Developers from Moonton are looking to bring some exciting in-game changes very soon that will change the game’s fundamental dynamics. From changes in the battlefield to brand new design items, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang will get a complete design and gameplay revamp. Courtesy of these changes, the in-game experience for all the players will see a drastic change for the good. So, let’s not waste any more time and see what we can expect from Project “NEXT.”

Visual Changes to the in-game Mini Map

Looking at the mini-map is quite a challenging task as one play can make or break the game for either of the two teams. Currently, the mini-map is a bit complex when it comes to its visual aspect. However, with Project NEXT, developers will make the mini-map much more straightforward and effective by simply tuning its visuals.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang: In-Game Changes Coming with the Project “NEXT”

With the simplified version of the mini-map, it will become much easier for players to see both the ally team and the enemy players. It is going to impact the overall gaming experience in a very positive way!

Bonus Rewards from the Laning Phase

In MLBB, there are a total of three lanes: Top, Middle, and Bottom. However, after the next update, the Top lane will be termed as the Experience lane, while the Bottom lane will be termed as the Gold lane.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang: In-Game Changes Coming with the Project “NEXT”

Let’s take a look at the changes that will come in both the Top and Bottom lane with Project NEXT.

Experience Lane (Top Lane)

This lane is closer to the place in the river where the first turtle of the game spawns. Thanks to Project NEXT, players in this lane will receive higher EXP than other lanes to help them level up fast. This lane is strongly recommended for fighters, bruisers, or tank heroes that have a strong early game.

Gold Lane (Bottom Lane)

This lane will give heroes bonus gold from slaying the cannon minions. It is critical as this is the lane where a marksman farms with his/her support ally. With this concept, marksmen will now be able to collect gold quickly, build their items, and scale fast.

Now Get Gold from hitting the Defense Tower

As you may know, in the early stages of the game, the turrets are protected with a shield that players have to take down to destroy the turrets. This shield lasts for about 

210 seconds and disappears after that time if not broken.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang: In-Game Changes Coming with the Project “NEXT”

However, after the Project NEXT update, taking down this shield from turrets will provide players with bonus gold. It will significantly help players to purchase their items and scale-up for the late-game team fights.

Choosing a Lane

The old meta of 1-3-1, also known as funneling, will not be adequate once the Project NEXT update is live. Here’s the recommended laning strategy for the latest update:

  1. 1-1-1-2
  2. 2-1-1-1, where
  • 1 in the Experience Lane (Fighter, Bruiser, Tank)
  • 1 in the Middle Lane (Mage)
  • 1 in the Jungle (Assassin, Tank, Fighter, Mage)
  • 2 in the Gold Lane (Marksmen + Tank/Utility Support)

Changes to Jungling Items

Now, heroes will not be able to buy jungling items if they don’t have “Retribution.” With jungling items, the hero receives 40% less EXP from lane minions for the first three minutes of the game.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang: In-Game Changes Coming with the Project “NEXT”

Additionally, the damage received by that hero from jungle camps/monsters is reduced by 40%.

Rotation and Farming

In the previous meta, the marksmen and mages would probably get the red and blue buffs, respectively, in the game’s early stages. However, it is strongly recommended to let your jungler take the buffs in the early game to stay relevant in the game.

As we mentioned earlier, marksmen can make more gold by staying in the Gold (Bottom) Lane. So, we strongly recommend that marksmen refrain from taking jungle monsters/camps.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang: In-Game Changes Coming with the Project “NEXT”

If you’re a jungle main, then you should probably go through the jungle pathing as shown in the image above. After killing a jungle buff, a jungler should go for a gank and repeat it whenever possible.

Things to Keep in Mind:

  • Marksmen must always go the Gold lane to get gold quickly and build items.
  • As a laner, your priority should be to hit the turret shield and get bonus gold from it.
  • If you are a jungler, you should gank for your allies more often as you can then go for an objective like turtle or turrets.
  • If you’re playing as a support, you need to keep an eye on the mini-map for possible ganks from the enemy jungler and ping your team regarding the same.
  • Having the right team composition/draft is also extremely essential. If you want to win your games, then coordinate with your allies during the hero select phase to make the best possible team combination.
  • Rotate with your team, look for ganks and objectives for better map control, and win more of your games.

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