Play Together: The Halloween Update

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Play Together recently released a ton of new content for Halloween October, including a few minigames, a new weather system along with accessories, and an overall Halloween theme. And in light of the new update, players received a maintenance reward of 20 gems in their mails. If you haven’t got it yet, check your system mail right away. 

In the October 21st update note for creepy Halloween, Play Together gives a brief introduction to their new weather system, stating, “Does it rain and snow on Kaia Island?! Added the weather system for more versatile life on the island. You can buy umbrellas from the NPC that will only appear on special days!” 

The New Weather System 

In the Halloween update, we get a new weather system commonly referred to as the Rainy Night. As it sounds, you get some awesome rain effects that suit the Halloween vibe. Now to protect yourself from the rain, you can buy raincoats and umbrellas from a special NPC. 

Rain gear is only sold by the raincoat girl NPC during the Rainy Night, meaning if it’s not raining, you can’t buy the umbrellas and raincoats. 

There are a few types of rain gear available for purchase (raincoats, rain boots, and umbrellas) with varying prices based on their colors- Yellow, Blue, Red, and Sunflower(Green). Here are the individual prices of the rain gear;

  • Yellow and Blue Umbrella- 7500 
  • Yellow and Blue Raincoats – 4500
  • Yellow and Blue Rain Boots- 1800 
  • Red Umbrella- 9000
  • Rainbow umbrella- 90 gems
  • Sunflower umbrella – 140 gems
  • Sunflower raincoat- 50 gems
  • Sunflower Rain Boots – 19 gems

Play Together: The Halloween Update

After purchase, you can find the new umbrellas under the Tool section. 

Season Pass Item Rewards

The Creepy Halloween Season brings with it a creepy theme for Play Together with new city designs and dark color pallets. But with a new season, we also get a new premium pass loaded with Halloween-themed rewards. With the VVIP season pass, apart from the money and gems, you will also get;

  • Halloween Hat
  • Halloween Suit
  • Halloween Shoes
  • Skull Coffin Bed
  • Demon Horn Chair 
  • Halloween Table
  • Creepy Tree Light
  • Halloween Poster
  • Halloween Closet
  • Creppy Washstand 
  • Creepy Halloween Bear
  • An additional Special Reward common to both passes

Free Pass Rewards other than money and gems, a total of;

  • 2 Normal Boxes
  • 2 Premium Box
  • Luxurious Box 
  • With the special reward at the end

Pet Combination System

With the October 5th update, we got the Bunny Bunny Egg and a total of 9 new rabbit pets. And now, with the October 21st update, they improved upon it, giving us further customization with the new pet combination system.

The new update notes introduce us to the new system, stating, “Added a new system that allows you to get a new pet by combining pets that have reached the maximum level. You can combine your pets with the help of an NPC who is hidden in the Camp. Make your pets grow even more!”

The update brings with it a new Pet Combination system; with this, you can merge max-level pets of the same breed. You can access the new systems by talking to the wizard NPC Gandalp whom you can find just behind the waterfall beside the bridge.

The New Angry Zombie package is available at RM 24.90. With the package, you can do the Zombie Dance and get the exclusive 3 piece Zombie costume. 

New Minigames

There are a total of 4 new minigames added by the developers in Play Together. Of the 4, two minigames have been introduced to the Party Games.  

And the other two minigames have been added to the School, of which one is the popular Match The Card game. Completing the minigame will reward you with good grades as always.

Fishing Racks And Werewolf Costume

The update has added a new item to the roster that helps in storing your fishing rods safely. Fishing rods holders or racks can now be bought at the store at marginal costs. Show off your fishing rods now and without fear! Apart from the racks, players can now win a Werewolf Costume Box by simply fishing.

And lastly, the developers have improved the security CAPTCHA system as well as the overall UI experience; then there are the small improvements to other features. You can check out more details at the Play Together website.

If you haven’t yet tried Play Together, download it now through the Google Play Store or the App Store. That’s it for now; stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.

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