The spookiest patch of the year is coming to RAID: Shadow Legends, bringing with it a bunch of new heroes, as well as other interesting additions. In this guide, we’ll be examining the highlights of update 2.30, and taking a closer look at the new heroes that are getting introduced with it.

Five New Heroes Join the Roster

This new update will add four new Halloween-themed champions to the roster, which will provide both lots of DPS and support skills to your team. The heroes in questions are the following:

  • Elegaius

This is a magic support hero with skills that disrupt the enemy’s cooldowns and blocks them from using their most powerful moves. On top of that, he can easily dispel buffs and delay the opponents’ turns considerably. He can even stay alive after being defeated with his passive skill. Elegaius is definitely a nuisance for the opposite team, unless they can counter him effectively.

  • Little Miss Annie

A void attack hero that can not only deal decent damage, but also buff herself to ignore the enemy’s attacks and wreak havoc on the battlefield. Her attacks can block the enemy’s healing completely, and also grant her beneficial effects if she manages to score a kill. One of her passive skills allows her to instantly attack upon reviving and get a turn faster than usual. Lastly, every attack that she lands has a chance to delay the target’s turn and decrease their max HP, debilitating them for the remainder of the battle.

  • Narma the Returned

Another magic support champion that specializes in not only placing debilitating debuffs, but also extending their duration on afflicted targets. Specifically, she can significantly decrease the enemy’s attack, as well as poison them, and then extend the debuffs’ durations by 1 turn with a 40% chance on every basic attack. Her kit is straightforward, but very effective.

  • Masked Fearmonger

Finally, the last of the new Halloween-themed heroes is a spirit attack champion proficient at dealing tons of damage to feared enemies. His kit also includes skills to inflict fear with a relatively high success rate, a well as powerful attacks that ignore defense, which makes this hero ideal for destroying squishy targets.

RAID: Shadow Legends Update 2.30 - 5 New Heroes, A New FAQ, and Bazaar Additions

Other than those four, there’s another hero coming as Faction Wars reward for completing this mode with the maximum number of stars. This hero is Lydia the Deathsiren, which is a void support champion that specializes in inflicting fear, and exploiting those that are afflicted with several different types of debuffs.

The New FAQ Feature

This new update also introduces a new FAQ section that you will be able to access through the leftmost panel in your bastion, which contains all sorts of information about the game. This will be great for new players that need guidance, as well as for staying on top of the newest additions to the game as further patches are introduced. Remember, however, that you can always check out our blog section dedicated to RSL to learn more about this spectacular game.

RAID: Shadow Legends Update 2.30 - 5 New Heroes, A New FAQ, and Bazaar Additions

Aside from these main changes, there are also three new avatars in the bazaar, which will only be purchasable for 30 days each. After this time has passed, the avatar will cycle to the next one, until all three have had a round. Players can only purchase one of these avatars per account.

While this patch is relatively small in the number of new features it offers, the new heroes are more than enough to keep players hooked to the game as they figure out new strats and formations. What do you think of the new champions introduced in patch 2.30? Leave us your comments in the section below!