The Rise of Kingdoms has just gotten more exciting with the Summer Chapter update 1.0.49; players are looking forward to the new summertime events that come with a story plot, two new commanders, and tons of KvK optimizations and tinkering in the refinement system. Let’s dive right into the commanders.

Rise of Kingdoms Summer Update 1.0.49

The Two New Archer Commanders

The Nubian queen Amanitore and Uruk King Gilgamesh will be the new fifth-generation archer commanders joining us.


Amanitore was a Nubian queen (Kandake) in the kingdom of Kush during the Meroitic period. Her talent trees include Archer, Garrison, and Support, making her a pretty interesting commander to have at hand as archer and support work well together in most cases. 

And you can obtain Amanitore from the Mightiest Governor Event. With that out of the way, let’s talk about her skills. 

  1. The active skill Glorious Arrows needs 1000 rage requirements then proceeds to deal direct damage to the target up to a factor of 1300. And the troops led by Amanitore deal 20% damage for the next 3 seconds.
  2. With the passive skill Line Breaker, Archers led by Amanitore gain 40% increased attack while dealing extra 5% damage to infantry units but as a result, are weaker against cavalry, taking 5% extra damage from them. The added weakness is probably a way to keep the units in the game from being overpowered.
  3. With the passive skill Resilience of Ta-Seti, archers get 20% increased defense while their attacks have a 10% chance of removing all ongoing attack enhancements of your target when Amanitore is the garrison commander. And the dispel move can be activated every 10 seconds.
  4. A Kandake’s Wrath: When dealt with skill damage, Amanitore can deal direct damage at 800 Damage Factor to 3 enemies max in a forward-facing fan-shaped area. After that, if Amanitore is serving as the garrison commander, the troops get a 50% chance to deal an additional round of damage at 500 Damage Factor, then again with a 20% chance of a third wave at 400 Damage Factor. This skill can be used every 10 seconds, and with each additional target, the damage dealt gets reduced by 15%.  
  5. The Expertise skill, Nubian Willpower: Troops led by Amanitore are immune to silence, and the active skills reduce the target’s Rage by 100/second for 2 seconds; skill can be activated every 10 seconds.

Best Pairing For Amanitore: Artemisia I


Commander Gilgamesh was the fifth king of the Mesopotamian Kingdom of Uruk during the Ancient Sumerian period. His crowings achievements and other exploits are documented in the text of “Epic of Gilgamesh.”He is an Archer, Conquering, and Skill commander. 

You can obtain Gilgamesh from the Wheel of Fortune Event. Now for the skills.

  1. The active skill Roar of The Tiger needs to meet the age requirement of 1000 then proceeds to deal direct damage to the target at a Damage Factor of 1500 and also reduces the target’s health by 30% for 3 seconds straight.
  2. The passive skill Bowman of Uruk allows the archers led by Gilgamesh to gain 30% increased health and then deal 20% increased damage to enemy troops that only have fewer than 50% of their units remaining.    
  3. A King’s Right skill allows the archers led by Gilgamesh to gain 20% increased attack when dealing with cities or strongholds then gain a 5% attack bonus every 6 seconds. The bonus attack lasts for 10 seconds and can be stacked up 6 times. 
  4. The Expertise skill Demigod enhances the fourth skill Enkidu’s Path

Without Demigod, Enkidu’s Path allows the troops led by Gilgamesh to take 10% less damage from normal attacks while having a 30% chance of inflicting a Blood Carving debuff on the targets; affected enemies will suffer damage at Damage Factor 500. The debuff lasts for 3 seconds and can be used every 5 seconds.

Rise of Kingdoms Summer Update 1.0.49

With Demigod enabled, the troops take 15% less damage, the Blood Carving with 30% chance will now have a Damage Factor of 700 when enemies troops heal and then also take 15% increased skill damage. The debuff period extends to a total of 4 seconds and can be activated every 5 seconds.

Best Pairing For Gilgamesh: Nebuchadnezzar ll

Events In Summer Chapter

  • Summer Festival Story
  • Festive Preparations: 7 Day Quests 
  • Festival Gala
  • Summer Sojourn
  • Race Against Time
  • Protect The supplies
  • Lucky Stall Event