Rise of Kingdoms “Sweet Valentine’s” Update – All You Need to Know About the Feb 2020 Patch

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The awesome part about games like Rise of Kingdoms, other than their awesome mechanics that have withstood the test of time, is how, once they catch their momentum, they deliver update after update rife with new content to explore. Speaking of which, patch 1.0.30 for Rise of Kingdoms came out just a few days ago, and with it, came a wide slew of changes and events.

Rise of Kingdoms Sweet Valentine’s Update - All You Need to Know About the New Patch

The new Rise of Kingdoms update is called “Sweet Valentine’s” and, as the name suggests it’s themed after the biggest event in February, Valentine’s Day. However, while there’s a big event in Rise of Kingdoms revolving this momentous occasion, which we’ll get to in a bit, this isn’t the only aspect that got added with the latest patch.

In this article, we’ll explore everything that’s new in Rise of Kingdoms with the Sweet Valentine’s update, as well as information on how to participate in the Valentine’s Day event and reap the best rewards.

Rise of Kingdoms Sweet Valentine’s Update - All You Need to Know About the New Patch

So What’s New?

Well, dear readers, other than the aforementioned Valentine’s Day event, the folks at Lilith Games implemented many numerical changes to the game to make it easier and more feasible to engage in certain actions. Specifically, they patched the Shadow Legion and Ceroli Assault events and added many improvements to increase accessibility for the player.

Shadow Legion Changes

The PvE event that has alliances battling against hordes of the Shadow Legion for a chance to receive massive rewards just got better. This periodical event spawns from time to time in Rise of Kingdoms and gives alliances a few days to assault the Shadow Legion fortresses to accumulate contribution, and then obtain interesting prizes at the end of the event. However, user reports said that unlocking difficulty levels for this event was somewhat unclear and that there are some aspects that needed improving. Luckily, Lilith Games is all ears as they listened to the feedback and implemented important changes to the Shadow Legion system.

Rise of Kingdoms Sweet Valentine’s Update - All You Need to Know About the New Patch

For starters, they made a few adjustments to the difficulty level as well as to the strength of the elite Shadow Legion, making them much tougher than before. However, they made the difficulty easier to manage as the alliance leader can now choose the difficulty level beforehand, and unlock the next level once the current one has been completed. In this case, the next difficulty will become available in the next event period. Nevertheless, they also increased the rate at which waves of Shadow Legions attack, so governors are at a much higher risk of being overwhelmed if unprepared.

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A big change was the removal of individual rank rewards, instead opting to include the contribution of the entire alliance. We suppose this change happened because of the complaints where individual users were not receiving contribution rewards for unspecified reasons. Moreover, the points required for reaching certain contribution ranks have been adjusted.

Rise of Kingdoms Sweet Valentine’s Update - All You Need to Know About the New Patch

Last but not least, governors can now check the battle log for long after the event ends in order to examine their results. This is one of the smaller but most welcome changes to this event.

Ceroli Assault Changes

This event plays like a traditional RTS and will have a group of up to 4 players facing against groups of barbarians in a mission format. The fights start easy and increase in difficulty as the group advances, and players have up to 10 tries per event to claim their rewards, if they’re skilled enough.

Rise of Kingdoms Sweet Valentine’s Update - All You Need to Know About the New Patch

However, like with the Shadow Legion, player feedback suggested that the rewards for participating in the Ceroli Assault was not worth the hassle. In this sense, the devs made several adjustments to the minimum power requirements for participating, the rewards received after defeating bosses in this event, and the prep time. In other words, the event is tougher, gives better rewards, and is more enjoyable to play, in general.

The Valentine’s Day Event

As you already might know, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and the folks at Lilith Games are sparing no expenses when it comes to the festivities. For this reason, they’re hosting an awesome event in Rise of Kingdoms to give the players a chance of receiving awesome rewards for completing specific tasks.

Rise of Kingdoms Sweet Valentine’s Update - All You Need to Know About the New Patch

The two most important parts of this event are the “Moments of Love,” and “Rising in Love” as they will grant you the materials necessary for progressing in this event, in general. The former consists of specific tasks that reveal themselves on a daily basis, and that reward the player with Teddy Bears and Roses, which are exchanged elsewhere for amazing prizes. Meanwhile, the latter rewards the player with Love Letters for participating in regular tasks such as gathering from the map, defeating barbarians, or when collecting resources in your city. Like the Teddy Bears and Roses, the Love Letters can be exchanged for nice rewards.

Rise of Kingdoms Sweet Valentine’s Update - All You Need to Know About the New Patch

The Love Letters are spent mainly in the “Vow of Roses” event. Every time you deliver a Love Letter, two things happen: The first is that you’ll receive a Teddy Bear for every letter. Furthermore, every letter adds to your rank in this event. Every time you increase a rank, you receive a reward. This part of the event is shared among the entire alliance, so you’ll all have to chip in if you want to climb the ranks.

The Teddy Bears and Roses, on the other hand, are spent in the “Gift Showers” event. This is more straightforward as you can simply purchase items using both of these currencies. The ultimate prize here is the permanent town skin, Tears of the Eternal, which goes for 200 Teddy Bears and 100 Roses, though there are numerous valuable items that you can purchase with your surplus currency.

Rise of Kingdoms Sweet Valentine’s Update - All You Need to Know About the New Patch

The Valentine’s Day event in Rise of Kingdoms lasts from February 10 to February 16, so players will have to move fast if they want to reap the best rewards, especially the permanent town skin, while it lasts.

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