State of Survival’s latest November update v1.9.50 is already here, and the update solely focuses on improving the players’ in-game experience. In this patch, the ‘Hero Gear System’ has been completely optimized. After updating the game to version 1.9.50 or higher (v 1.9.51), players can access the new optimizations. But, the following in-game metrics remain the same:

  • Attributes of the existing gear
  • Resources needed for the Hero gear
  • Total cost for the full-level Hero gear

Moreover, after updating the game, players will receive materials consumed in the Hero Gear Crafting earlier. Let’s take a closer look at the patch notes and see what optimizations have been made to the Hero gear.

1. Gear Crafting

Earlier, players had to craft gears for each Hero separately after completing the gear research. This procedure was super annoying for the SoS players. As a result, the developers have eradicated the Gear Crafting process. Now, all the Heroes will equip the gear most suitable for them on their own once the gear research is complete.  

2. Hero Gear UI Optimization

In this update, the user interface for Hero Gear has been made simpler for a better understanding of the players. So, if you’re planning to play State of Survival on BlueStacks, you’re going to love these UI changes as you’ll be playing the game on a larger screen. 

State of Survival Latest Update v1.9.50 Explained – Hero Gear System Optimization

3. Requirements for the Grade Sets

If we look at the older mechanism, gear sets’ attributes could be obtained by equipping various pieces simultaneously. Yet, the Grade Set requirements have now been removed, and the attributes have been directly assigned to them. Players can now obtain these attributes without collecting the number of sets required previously.

4. Changes in Materials

Before, there were three types of gear materials: Infantry, Rider, and Hunter. Many players found this concept confusing, and some even choose the wrong material to upgrade their gear. Now, only one material will be used by the players to upgrade their equipment. Also, the old materials will be converted into the standard material in 1:1 proportion.

5. Improved Gear Quality Display

Developers have adjusted the gear trading system: a fixed quality color now represents each gear set. Once a gear reaches its full star level, it will be promoted to the next quality color. 

6. Consumption of Resources while Upgrading Gear/Equipment

In the November update, the significant gear grades have been split into minor subgrades, also known as ‘Star Levels,’ to ensure that the players can enhance their gear more effectively. Moreover, this tackles the problem where players had to consume tons of resources each time they upgraded their equipment to the next level. 

What are your thoughts on the ‘Hero Gear Optimization’ that came along with this update? Let us know in the comments section!