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April 28, 2017
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Let's Hear It for the Chickens!

Chicken Scream is the most unique runner game to hit mobile devices in a long time. While Chicken Scream may look similar to other side-scrolling runner games available on Android, there is one thing that sets Chicken Scream apart from every other one – you never have to touch the screen.

Instead of endless tapping to make your chicken run through multiple levels of obstacles and challenges, you will use the magic of your beautiful voice. To make your chicken walk, you simply have to speak softly into your microphone. When you need your chicken to take a flying leap, you need to make a lot of noise. Go dead silent to make your chicken stop moving completely. Play Chicken Scream on Mac and PC so the whole family can have a blast screaming and talking to an animated chicken.

Why did the chicken cross the road? Because you screamed at it!

Broadcast the Hilarity Across the Globe

Two facts about laughter: It's extremely contagious and is great medicine. This means you can spread good health and well-being al over the world by streaming Chicken Scream to some of the largest social sharing networks in the world. Using the free BlueStacks 4 player for Mac and PC systems, you can share the fun and hilarity of Chicken Scream with networks like Facebook Live and It only takes one push of a button to start streaming your mobile gaming experiences to the world. This is your chance to meet Chicken Scream players from other countries, show off your awesome chicken screaming skills, or start building on online following of your very own.