Play Temple Run 2 on PC

Imangi Studios
Last Update
January 3, 2017
4.3/5 ( 6,857,881 )
Play Temple Run 2 on PC 17

Run to safety with Temple Run 2 on Your PC and Mac

The crazy tomb raiders we all love to save are back in a wild new adventure. Temple Run 2 brings players right back to the action with high speed running, jumping, zip lining, and more. This is a great endless running game for your mobile device and smartphone, but if you could play on a larger screen, Temple Run 2 would be even more awesome. Well, you’re in luck. Thanks to the free Bluestacks Android Emulator, you can now download and play Temple Run 2, and almost any other Android app or game, right on your computer. Instead of looking for tiny hints of oncoming danger, the larger screen area of your computer will give you the chance to spot dangers and obstacles much sooner.

Temple Fans Worldwide Rejoice!

Mobile gamers are no different than any other video game fan. They love their games and enjoy watching some of the best players around take them on. The problem was that so much special equipment was needed to stream Temple Run 2 to that there were not as many of them broadcasting. Thanks to the new BlueStacks 4 player, no more special equipment is needed and anyone can be a Twitch broadcaster. The latest update includes Twitch broadcasting at the click of a button so now anyone can join the largest social gaming site in the world.