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July 26, 2016
4.3/5 ( 12,907 )
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A Life of Crime is Violent and Unpredictable

For those of you that have ever thought about turning to a life of crime, GangFort is the game that gives you a chance to experience that criminal life from the inside. Choose from nine different characters and start battling it out with opposing gangs. Work with friends or go it alone in this 2D shooter with a retro edge thrown in. You can find people close to you or play with criminal elements from all corners of the globe. If you decide to take a shot at solo mode, you will be graced with a series of bots created from highly trained artificial intelligence.

The goal is to do anything it takes to destroy the other team and come out on top. There are multiple game modes, each with its own way of scoring. Choose to roll a giant bomb into the enemy's hideout or steal loot and protect it with GangFort on your computer.

The World Loves a Criminal

This is your chance to show the world that a life of crime not only pays but that it pays handsomely. Use the new BlueStacks 3 player to play GangFort on Mac and PC to enter the world of Twitch broadcasting. has grown to become one of the largest and most popular gaming websites in the world. Each day, millions of gamers head over to Twitch to watch their friends tackle great games and amazing challenges. Users can stream their own video game exploits and watch any of the one million live streams hosted each day on