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Bearbit Studios B.V.
Last Update
December 5, 2016
4.3/5 ( 459,406 )
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You're Wanted By EVERYONE!

The newest driving sensation taking the gaming world by storm is the new hit in the Smashy Road series. With Smashy Road: Wanted, you are on the run from everyone! Drive through a variety of randomly generated areas avoiding the police, SWAT teams, Army Jeeps, and even heavy-duty tanks. Each randomly generated area comes with the chance to find and unlock special secret areas full of extreme rewards and cool loot. Play often and unlock more than 90 unique cars and vehicles, each one with their own behavior. Try them all to find your favorites and unlock even more. Take your criminal experience to the next level when you play Smashy Road: Wanted on PC and Mac with the free BlueStacks 4 player. Now, you have the power to unlock even more features and change the game with Twitch broadcasting, more convenient controls, and the freedom to play Smashy Road: Wanted whenever you want. Click the link below to download Smashy Road: Wanted and start outrunning Johnny Law now. Adds a New Dimension to Gaming

For a long time, gaming has lost much of the true 'social' aspect that bred the entire industry. With the arcades long gone, gamers played their favorite games on home consoles and PCs. Now, things are a bit different. With the emergence of the huge network, gamers all over the world are once again playing video games together. Each day, there are more than one million live gaming broadcasts featured on and you can easily join them when you change the game with BlueStacks 4.