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December 19, 2016
4.5/5 ( 35,112 )
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Enter the Titan Brawl Arena!

Play Titan Brawl on PC and Mac to experience the greatest mobile MOBA gaming experience bigger and even more action-packed. The world of Titan Brawl is inhabited by some of the most fearsome creatures and mightiest warriors of any multiplayer online battle arena. Created especially with mobile gamers in mind, Titan Brawl features intense battles with a four-minute limit, so now you can get your battle on whenever you want. Unlock a huge variety of brawlers from ancient gods to ex-military space mercenaries and everything in between. Strengthen your fighters by activating unique abilities and power-ups to CRUSH your enemies in battle. It's a race against the clock and a race against death as you attempt to destroy your friends' Totems and towers to claim victory. Take a break from the massive multiplayer action with story-driven solo gaming fun. Play Titan Brawl with BlueStacks 4 and escape the boring MOBA games of the past.

Now You Can Stream Titan Brawl to Twitch

With the latest version of the new and improved BlueStacks 4 player, you can broadcast Titan Brawl to the massive network of gamers and MOBA lovers. It used to take extra equipment and cables to stream your mobile gaming experiences to the net, but with the BlueStacks player, you now have the easiest and most convenient Twitch broadcasting controls around. With a simple click of a button, you can stream Titan Brawl to hundreds or thousands of gamers all over the world. Join the Twitch universe to chat live with players and broadcasters during streams, follow your favorite players, keep tabs on games you love, and even start building your own dedicated group of fans and followers.