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PlaySide Studios
Last Update
December 11, 2017
4.2/5 ( 23,415 )
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Teamwork Saves Lives In Icy Ropes

Hit the icy slopes of some of the largest and most dangerous cliffs and mountains in the world. Icy Ropes gives you total control of two separate climbers at the same time. Use your skills, quick thinking, and an icy rope to help your climbers make it across the dangerous, icy terrain in one piece. Make your way through a series of challenging levels as you unlock more than 100 different characters with unique sounds and actions. Collect shiny coins to purchase fancy-looking boxes packed with sweet loot. When you think you’ve tackled everything Icy Ropes has to throw at you, give Super Hard mode a shot to test your skills against nearly impossible challenges. From the creators of Fishy Bits and Batman v Superman comes one of the most unique video games on Android. Play Icy Ropes on PC and Mac to take on the icy cold cliffs.

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