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May 18, 2017
4.4/5 ( 1,074,883 )
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Who Has the Balls to Save the World?

Evil minions are up to no good again. This time, they plan on turning the entire world into ugly square shapes. Only Red Ball can fight against the evil minions and foil their square plans. Play Red Ball 4 on your computer to experience the newest adventure of everyone's favorite round hero. Red Ball is ready to take on more than 70 exciting levels full of epic boss battles, tricky traps, and a whole bunch of brand new enemies to roll over.

Red Ball 4 gives you the chance to roll, jump, and bounce your way through hordes of evil minions. Each level is packed with challenging obstacles, puzzles, and amazingly realistic physics elements. Rock and roll to a groovy soundtrack as you and Red Ball save the day in Red Ball 4.

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