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Last Update
November 8, 2016
4.3/5 ( 364,384 )
Play Sky Whale on PC 17

Fly Through the Air Like a Whale!

While not normally known for their aerial skills, this specific whale has been known to fly high in the air through magical dimensions. From the massively popular Nickelodeon television show 'Game Shakers' comes one of the most magnificent creatures to ever fly the blue skies. Play Sky Whale on PC and Mac to soar through the air with the cute horned narwhal Sky Whale. To stay in the air, Sky Whale must eat a lot of tasty donuts. Every time Sky Whale eats a donut, he will bounce higher in the air further along. Continue to collect donuts and fly farther into outer space, under the water, or through the Groovtopia Dimension. Along the way, you will find a variety of sweet power-ups and bonus items to unlock using shiny coins that will help Sky Whale and increase your point total. Take to the skies with the coolest whale to ever take flight. Play Sky Whale on Mac and PC.

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