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August 9, 2016
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Play StarFly on PC 17

Take Flight and Control the Stars on Your Computer

A flight unlike any other is about to join two stars in a non-stop race. Play the exciting StarFly to control two different stars at the same time. Race through winding maze corridors and avoid any obstacles that may be in your way. As you make your way through these never-ending space tunnels, be on the lookout for special sparks that can either speed your stars up or slow them down. Both have great benefits, once you learn how to master them. Unlock new skin and color combinations to turn your tunnel maze into a personalized display of colors.

Once you think you have a handle over the controls in StarFly, feel free to rake on the real challenge of intense, head-to-head racing with players from all over the globe. Become the most controlled racer in the galaxy to rise up the leader boards. Don't get lazy, or you may lose your top spot.

Beam Your Starlight Around the World

A shooting star is a thing of beauty that is enjoyed by millions of people all over the world. Make players smile by sharing your shooting stars with them via the massive network. Every day, there are more than one million different video game streams broadcast over Twitch. Users can watch these live feeds while chatting with other viewers and even the broadcasters themselves. More and more often, big name gamers are coming to to show off their skills and have a good time. With the free BlueStacks 3 player, every mobile gamer can now stream StarFly to Twitch with the ease of one-button controls.