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Imangi Studios
Last Update
October 27, 2016
4.3/5 ( 3,304,598 )
Play Temple Run on PC 17

Can You Run fast Enough to Escape?

One of the biggest android hits of all-time is ready to be played on your home computer. The massively addictive Temple Run not only shattered mobile gaming records but also spawned a lot of copycats. Help your intrepid explorer escape from an ancient temple by avoiding obstacles, jumping over them, and even sliding underneath them. Don't be too slow or the Demon Monkeys will get you. You have been warned.

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Run Your Way Through the Twitch Community

When it comes to gaming, competition is fierce and bragging rights are like gold. That's why gamers love, a social gaming site dedicated to the live broadcasting and streaming of video game footage and gameplay. Here, players can enjoy watching live broadcasts while chatting with other players and broadcasters. Users are encouraged to follow the players they enjoy watching and can even get some followers of their own. It used to take special equipment and cables to stream Temple Run to, but when you use the latest version of BlueStacks 4, you get one-click access to Twitch broadcasting.