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Mindstorm Studios
Last Update
May 3, 2016
4.0/5 ( 3,080 )
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Bring the Stars Down to Earth with Coin Stars

Space travel is not a thing of our imaginations anymore. With Coin Stars: Slots Pusher, you get to travel across the whole universe and collect rare prizes and whole bunch of coins. When space travel gets to be a bit too much for you, relax with fun mini-games to keep things fresh and interesting. Along your travels, you will find a wide variety of special power-ups that will help you really rake in the coins. Coin Stars is your answer to the boredom of everyday life.

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Connect Like Never Before

It seems a new social media site is popping every other day and most of them will be gone by tomorrow. For gamers, there was never a place for them to go and connect with other gamers – until was launched. Since it first started in 2011, Twitch has hosted millions of gaming broadcasts featuring titles from across multiple platforms. Before now, streaming Coin Stars: Slots Pusher games to Twitch required extra devices and cables. With BlueStacks 4, there is no need for anything extra. Now, you simply hit a button and begin broadcasting Coin Stars: Slots Pusher to millions of fans around the world.