Play Tiny Miners – Idle Clicker on PC

Mindstorm Studios
Last Update
July 26, 2017
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Play Tiny Miners – Idle Clicker on PC 17

Become a Money Tycoon With Tiny Miners

Forget becoming a tycoon of some sort of business or crazy scheme. Play Tiny Miners – Emerald Seeker to become a money tycoon and literally make money every second. Summon and hire your own army of dwarves to dig deep into the ground and mine its riches for you all day long. More than just great mining, you will have the power to perform awe-inspiring researches that will boost your profits sky-high. Increase the speed of your tiny miners by tapping quickly on the screen, researching special abilities, and unlocking other bonuses.

Being filthy rich is no good if you can't show it off, so use your huge wealth to purchase amazing pet dragons and items that will boost your country's economy and more. Become filthy rich when you play Tiny Miners – Emerald Seeker on PC and Mac.

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