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Forest Studio Ltd.
Last Update
November 30, 2016
4.4/5 ( 1,723 )
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Control the Laser and Hit the Target

Physics class was more than just a lot of science, it was a way to see some really cool stuff – like lasers! Go back to that time of exploration and wonder with the new game BEAM. The goal of BEAM is pretty simple. All you have to do is hit a receiver with a laser beam. No problem, right? Just as there always is, you will find a great deal of challenges and obstacles standing between you and victory. Use mirrors to reflect the laser, water drop to deflect, and watch out for walls which with stop your laser completely. Place and turn an object to just the right degree to reach the receiver and collect all of the coins placed throughout the map. With more than 70 levels of science and laser fun, BEAM is a great game for the whole family.

Beam Your Laser Around the World

The best part of any video game is sharing the fun with your friends. Do this to the extreme when you use the new BlueStacks 3 player to play BEAM. With the ease of one-click controls, you can start beaming all of your video game exploits to the entire community. Every day, players come to to watch their favorite players tackle their favorite games. More than just a place to watch video games, Twitch users can chat live during streams with broadcasters and other viewers. Cheer on your favorite players or heckle your enemies, the choice is yours. Follow those broadcasters you enjoy interacting with and start creating a following of your own fans. The first step is downloading BlueStacks 3.