Play Drift car city traffic racer on PC

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September 29, 2016
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Play Drift car city traffic racer on PC 14

Drift Fast and Furious Through the City

Simply being fast is not enough anymore. If you can't drift, then you are a loser. So, get out there and show the city streets what you're made of. Play Drift Car City Traffic Racer on PC or Mac to get behind the wheel of your favorite high-speed car model and take on some of the hottest drifters around. As if beating other racers wasn't enough, you have to watch our for the fuzz who want to put an end to street drift racing. Blaze past the police in high-speed chases and get back to the city drifting action. Play one of the most realistic racing simulation games available for Android right on your computer to experience all of the thrills and intense speeds of Drift Car City Traffic Racer larger than life. There are a wide variety of vehicles just waiting for your special touch when you play Drift Car City Traffic Racer.

Show Your Drifting Skills Off to the World

Everyone loves to see a good street race, so take your skills to where you can show off to the whole world. Every day, millions of users and visitors head over to to watch live video game streams from the biggest names in gaming and players just like you. When you change the game and play Drift Car City Traffic Racer on your computer with the new and improved BlueStacks 4, you can easily stream your races directly to Twitch with the ease of one-click controls. No more fussing about with extra wires and cables when you play bigger with BlueStacks.