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December 19, 2016
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These heroes are Ready to Come Home

High in the heavens of Leinwand, the great goddess Eda sits and watched her creations. The lands of Elfarran and Intera flourished and prospered for many years under the protection of the goddess Eda. One day, the God of Chaos, Virbar, decided to invade this world and take the lands that Eda has fought so bravely to protect. After a terrible fight, the goddess fell into a deep and long sleep.

The people of Earth now had no blessing from their goddess and many hardships were endured. It was tough, but the people managed to survive and bring order back to the world once more. All was not peaceful and calm for long. A darkness has enshrouded the planet and its people and it is you who must step up to save the world and fight back the darkness. Play Heroes of Incredible Tales on Mac and PC by clicking the link above now.

Graphics This Beautiful Need to Be Shared

While Heroes of Incredible Tales is an amazing role-playing game with a great story and intense gameplay, the real winner here is the stunning graphics and the Unreal game engine. When you play Heroes of Incredible Tales on your computer, you will be in awe over the crystal clear and detailed graphics on your large screen. Share this feeling with a million or so of your closest friends when you stream Heroes of Incredible Tales to the massive network. Join other gamers as you view and share live video game footage, chat with broadcasters and other viewers, and more.