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October 24, 2017
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Make your way up to High Heaven with BlueStacks 4

A new and exciting Android App from D&H Games lets you become a Legend of the Battle Arena. Come and join millions of online users in Guild Wars and the battle arena in the quest for heroic conquest. When playing on your PC you can train your warriors while summoning your strategic psyche. Class, faction and team combinations are all of paramount importance in this game of battle. BlueStacks 4 allows you to evaluate the entirety of your squad in order to perfect your formidable force of Divine Spirits, Dragon Slayers and Dark Spirits. You can equip your warriors with the perfect war outfits, weapons and armour needed to conquer your opponents and take on the Tower of Oblivion.

Get involved in the adventure inside the battle arena, start receiving Heroic Summoning Scrolls immediately and acquire points for victorious achievements with the Android App Emulator. Follow your High-Star Heroes to Heaven while fully appreciating the artwork of the mobile game on your PC. Progress through the campaigns much quicker and more efficiently when playing via BlueStacks, and fully utilise all features of the game. This game is designed to let you train and improve your heroes whilst you’re not even playing. So why not let BlueStacks run in the background whilst you get on with your taxes. BlueStacks will also automatically update the game for you to receive all the challenges and bonuses Idle Heroes has to offer. You’ll soon be using the Tower of Oblivion to earn an unlimited amount of rewards as your team gets bigger and better.

Get Ready For a Heroic Holiday Battle

There are endless multiplayer opportunities to advance yourself and your Heroes in the Arena. Embellish your warriors with bravery and lead them in boss-battles to victory and triumph. Emanate greatness on the battleground and execute your enemies efficiently. Events are continuously held all-year round to give players countless chances to increase their level difficulty. You can now stream the festivities online via to a broad audience of online players. Give yourself the gift of getting ahead of millions of gamers already playing on the new and improved BlueStacks Android App Emulator. Show off your battling skills in the worldwide combat for the conquest over the floating continent. You can stream your tutorials and battles straight from BlueStacks 4 to worldwide audiences and parade your power with pride.